Technical Consultant/ Layout Design, technical assessment re...


Technical Consultant/ Layout Design, technical assessment report & BOQ for Animal Feed Manufacturing Plant in Northern Palestine.


NGO:             Palestinian Livestock Development Centre (PLDC)

Project:    Developing Equitable Agricultural Production and Market Systems for Resilient Economic Development in the occupied Palestinian Territory – implemented by OXFAM & local partners and Funded by Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA)

Project ID:    A- 05393       

Starting date:         ASAP

Duration:         Two weeks for implementation (after Evaluation and contracting process)

Important deadlines:

  • Deadline for submitting the Consultancy Proposals:  March 4th, 2018 At 12:00 p.m. by COB
  • Deadline for requesting clarifications: March 1st, 2018 by COB

As part of the program intervention strategies the Palestinian Livestock Development Center (PLDC) is a non-profit organization working in livestock sector development, In partnership with OXFAM and with funding through SIDA, the PLDC invites the relevant engineering consulting companies/ consultants to submit bid documents to develop a layout plan & design and BOQ for the fodder Plant in the Jordan valley _Ein Albeada.

The consultant will be responsible for conducting needs assessment, preparing bills of quantities, preparing tender documents, supervising the implementation of the works by the contractors on the project site.


The overall objective of this program is to contribute to resilient and equitable agricultural growth from which small-scale women and men producers will benefit in the oPt. The specific objective is to increase the wellbeing and income of women and men engaged in small-scale agriculture in vulnerable communities through improved agricultural and market systems in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip.

Through this theory of change the project is aiming to catalyse /establish better functioning market services led by the private sector in collaboration with the public sector. The approach of this project will be to establish extension and training services and new business models, based on a strong SSPs supply base. The project will contribute to developing more equitable agricultural production and more resilient market systems for SSPs in oPt, which will lead to an increase in

production, quality, profitability and competitiveness of fresh- and processed fruits and vegetables. Besides this the project will advocate for more enabling and inclusive policy and planning frameworks.

Through a strategic partnership with the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA), Oxfam launched “the equitable agricultural production and market systems for resilient economic development in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt)” in July 2016. The overall goal of the project is for incomes of poor households to sustainably increase through enhanced employment and income opportunities. In partnership with key market players, the project will help to unlock the fresh produce sub-sector’s potential benefits for small-scale women and men farmers, through four inter-related strategies: (1) Catalysing farmers’ cooperatives and groups to benefit from joint action, including with private sector, towards enhanced capture of market benefits; (2) Facilitating investment opportunities and market linkages to diversify trade channels of smallholder farmers to domestic, regional, and international fresh produce markets; (3) Improving regulatory and institutional framework to ensure more favourable conditions for small-scale farmers; and (4) Systematically addressing cross-cutting issues in market facilitation approaches, including approaches to promote gender equity, good governance, and increased resilience of small-scale farmers to climate variability and change.


In coordination with the Programme Manager (For both organizations Oxfam and PLDC), the Consultant will be responsible for the following:

The consultant will visit the location of the Fodder Plant in the Jordan valley in a purpose to submit a technical report and layout for the Plant. This will include:

  • Technical assessment for the best specifications of the building taking in consideration the cost, the consultant will provide a description on what works are needed and what measures must be taken in the location of the Plant building in order to meet the health and safety regulations for fodder production. this will include:
    • The general layout design and plan for the building according to all the needed sections of the plant (Area and height of the building), circulation around it, needed equipment for each processing line, beside any expansion scenarios in the future).
    • Best material to build the plant from, the needed isolations.......etc), different scenarios with estimated budget taking in consideration the running cost according to each scenario if necessary such as the electricity needed in the hangar structure.
  • Provide a detailed technical report on the local health and safety regulations and guidelines that pertain to the plant’s nature of operations and products.
  • Provide detailed information on the needed works within the plant building in order to conform to these regulations and guidelines, which will enable the plant to obtain the necessary health and safety licenses and certifications like Hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP).
  • Provide a detailed Bill of Quantities with specifications for all the materials and equipment needed for the plant’s infrastructure to build and bring it up to standards i.e. tiles, paint, lighting, air ducts, doors, windows, etc. The consultant`s work will be instrumental in the project implementation and set up, and for setting specifications and quantities and grade materials that will be put in the tender announcement.
  • Develop a detailed design (Architectural, Civil, Mechanical, and electrical) according to the processing layout, safety and quality systems, with detailed bills of quantities. Besides that, Geotechnical test, survey, fire defence fees and engineering association fees must be included). Provide a detailed Bill of Quantities with specifications for all the materials and

equipment’s needed for the plant’s infrastructure to build and bring it up to standards i.e. tiles, paint, lighting, air ducts, doors, windows, etc.

  • Provide schematic drawings for the plant layout in accordance with health and safety guidelines and best practices.
  • The consultant shall visit the location of the Plant three times. The first visit with construction companies, and the second visit during the implementation of the works and the last visit are to submit final report about the works completion.

P.S All reports should be in tow copies and languages English and Arabic

Working Relationships

Programme Managers (Both organizations Oxfam and PLDC), Entrepreneurs (Private sector), Ministry of national economy, Palestinian standards institution, and any vital actors.


The consultant shall submit all deliverables within 15 working days from signing the contract.


The applicants have to submit the following documents:

  • Technical offer with all supporting documents (Consultant’s CV, previous experience, certificates …etc.).
  • Financial offer. The submitted proposals should be in US Dollars excluding VAT. The applicants should be able to issue Payment request in addition to deduction at source certificate (شهادة خصم مصدر) or will deduct a percentage of the final payment according to Palestinian Taxation department & laws.

Submission date

The proposals should be submitted no later than (12:00 PM) on the (March 7th, 2018) to the following Email address: [email protected]

In-country support

  • Oxfam and PLDC will manage the assignment and give timely constructive feedback, and final approval of the assignment based on quality as well as donor feedback
  • Other support can be arranged based on request in advance.
  • All tasks will be collaborative work with Palestinian Livestock development centre.


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