Request for Proposal for Tahini packaging development


Al’Ard Company for Agricultural Products in cooperation with Cowater International, acting for the Trade Facilitation and Customs Support Programme (Tasdeer), is soliciting proposals from eligible and responsible firms for Tahini packaging development.

Al’Ard Company for Agricultural Products was established in 2008 and is now a leading Palestinian company for processing and exporting Palestinian agricultural products.

The company’s focuses on producing and distributing premium Palestinian products covering extra virgin olive oil, Zaatar (thyme), freekeh, dried Sage, Dates, olive oil Soap and Tahini. The company has the largest storage facility of olive oil in Palestine with a total capacity of over 1,100 tons.

AL’ARD sources agricultural products locally from a network of farmers and producers and is currently adopting a social scheme “Palestine fertile land” that has a coalition of 15 cooperatives to encourage fair trade and organic practices in Palestine and to establish sustainable markets for farming communities.

In line with its export growth plan Al’Ard company is expanding its operation in the EU market through in market presence, recently the company established a fulfilment hub in Germany to serve the market. Parallel to the market activities Al’Ard company is working on enhancing its product specifically the Tahini product which is witnessing demand growth recently. The feedback from the market shows that the current packaging (label& bottle) is not attractive therefore Al’Ard Company is working on redesigning the product packing and labelling for a unique design for Al’Ard Company.

Objectives of this assignment:

Al’Ard Company for Agricultural Products with the support of Tasdeer program will contract an eligible and responsible firms for (Tahini label and packaging development) to achieve the following objectives:

  • Develop creative design for new bottle shape and Required injection Mold.
  • Develop creative design the product label that fits to the new bottle shape.

For more details,kindly check the enclosed TOR

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