Supply, Deliver and Erection of Plastic Water Tanks


Tender Invitation

“Supply, Deliver and Erection of Plastic Water Tanks”

Tender No: 01/MANOS/RWDS/2019

Date of publishing 02/01/2019
Quotation delivery date until Wednesday; 09/01/2019

Rural Women's Development Society (RWDS) in Ramallah is implementing the project; "Improved access to water resources and hygiene services for the most vulnerable household at Al-Dhahiriya village”, funded by the Spanish institution MANOS UNIDAS. The project is contribute to improve access to water resources and services to 50 families at Al-Dhahiriya,/ Hebron and enhance hygiene and cleaning condition through awareness raising workshops and cleaning
campaign at the town.

Qualified Bidders are encouraged to participate in this Tender process by purchasing a certified copy of the Tender documents, were the copy cost is (100 Euro). The tender is related to supply and install 20 plastic water tanks 0f 5000 litters and 30 of 2000 litters , from RWDS Office in Ramallah, Al-Masyoon, Sabat Building, 2 d Floor, from 02/01/2019 until 09/01/2019. Tender shall be submitted to RWDS Office in SEALED and STAMPED envelopes and no later than 14:00, Thursday; 10/01/2019.

- Prices provided shall be including Vat ,the bidder should provide valid source of deduction certificate .
- Offers didn't meet the minimum requirements or received after the deadline will be discarded and not considered in the next steps.
- RWDS makes no obligations in award the contract with the lowest or any bidder, or in full or in part to any one bidder.
- Bidders are required to submit at least Five percent (5%) of the quotation amount as a Bid security (bank bond) in the form of a certified check or a bank guarantee issued by a bank authorised by Palestine Monetary Authority (PMA).
- The unit rates and prices shall be Tendered by the bidders entirely in Euro.
- Their Tenders shall bind bidders for a period of 120 days from the deadline for the submission of the Tenders.
- Advertising and publications fees will be paid by the winning bidder.

For more information, please contact RWDS on: [email protected]

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