Supply and Installation of a Thyme Mill for Der Sharaf Chari...



“Supply and Installation of a Thyme Mill for Der Sharaf Charity”

 Quotation Number07/GIZ/RWDS/WB/2019

Date of publishing: Tuesday, 24-September-2019

Quotation delivery date until: TUESDAY, 08-OCTOBER-2019 (15:00)

Rural Women's Development Society (RWDS) in West Bank is implementing the project; "Enhancing the livelihoods and production capacities of rural women and increasing job opportunities for young women in various areas within the West Bank" Supported by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and implemented by Rural Women Development Society (RWDS) in West Bank.

Qualified Legal Firms are encouraged to participate in this competition by requesting a FREE softcopy of the Request for Quotation (RFQ) by contacting the e-mail; ([email protected]) from 24-September-2019  until 07-October-2019 (15:00).


  • Price provided shall be Excluding VAT as the project is VAT-Exempted. Awarded Bidder will be required to provide Zero-VAT invoices upon final delivery of all services required.
  • The unit rates and prices shall be quoted by the Bidder entirely in EUR.
  • Quotations shall be valid for a period of 120 day from the deadline for submission of Quotation.
  • All prices should include supply and installation of required items to Deir Sharaf Charity in Nablus, West Bank.
  • Both Technical and Financial Proposals should be submitted by e-mail ONLY, on or before the assigned deadline.
  • Late and/or incomplete submissions will be rejected.
  • Delivery of all services shall not exceed One Calendar Month from contract awarding.
  • Winning Bidder will be fully responsible for the safety of the labours and materials before and during the implementation, and under the direct supervision of RWDS.
  • Winning bidder shall pre-arrange and coordinate with RWDS on the delivery time and details, otherwise delivery will be rejected.
  • Upon Finishing all the required works, the Bidder shall deliver to RWDS at least Five percent (5%) as a Maintenance Security valid for 36 months from final delivery.
  • Advertising and publications fees will be paid by the winning Bidder.
  • For any Question or Clarification, please direct your inquiries by email to [email protected].
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