Strategy Baseline Data Collection 


Call for Consultant to implement Strategy Baseline Data Collection 

(Field Stage) 

World Vision International is a Christian Relief, Development and Advocacy organization. Its organizational goals focus on the well-being of children through long term community development and humanitarian programs.

World Vision Jerusalem West Bank Gaza (JWG) has a new strategy FY20-FY23, which will work to improve the resilience and nurturing environment of vulnerable children in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt) to give them a hope for their future.  World Vision will work for Children’s well-being 

by addressing key vulnerabilities, such as domestic and school violence, early marriage, low income, and low performance in school through programming in early childhood development 

(ECD), child protection and participation, youth life skills, education in emergency (EiE) and faith in development. The work will contribute to three of World Vision International’s child wellbeing objectives to increase the number of girls and boys who are protected from violence, the number of children who have positive and peaceful relationships in their families and communities and the number of adolescents with life skills. We will do so by working through two strategic objectives (SOs) and five project models, contributing to six sustainable development goals:

SO1. Children, especially the most vulnerable, are cared for and protected in families, in communities, and in the country

SO 2. Boys and girls are able to meet their full potential and become active citizens

World Vision Jerusalem West Bank Gaza (JWG) intends to contract with a company which will be responsible for collecting quantitative and qualitative data for baseline survey in World Vision targeted Program areas: North (Jenin), Central (Nablus and Ramallah) and South (Bethlehem and Hebron)- Specific villages mentioned in the TOR, under its Technical program “ Resilience- Nurture-and hope for children, families and communities”. 

For any interested companies , the TOR is attached 

The Proposal should include the following : 

Companies should be registered in related Departments including Tax Departments. 
A valid Source of Deduction Letter should be attached  
Two sealed and stamped separated offers ( Technical and Financial ) 
Supplier Registration form (attached )
Tender announcement fees to be paid by the awarded company.

Submission of Proposals: 

Proposals must be signed and stamped by hand to WV offices in a sealed envelope on 8 January 2020 ( Not before as offices are closed )  

World Vision Offices are located in :

Nablus-North Mountain-Bliebos Al-awasat Street-Althoraya Building-Ground Floor. Tel: 09-2374388
Jenin: Na’em Khader building, Mesliyeh Street -Al Zababdeh  Tel: 04 2510840/1
Jerusalem : Augusta Victoria compound , Mount of Olives , Tel : 02-628-1793
Beit Jala : AL Sahel – Jerusalem Street – Odeh Khalilieh Building – Third Floor  Tel:02-2757992
Ramallah : Al Balou’ – Al Irsal Street , Nu’man Building  Tel : 02-2421393

Deadline for submission:  Wednesday 8 January 2020.

For any interested companies, full TOR (including questionnaires English and Arabic) can be obtained by sending an e-mail to the following address [email protected]

If you are interested, please download the following :

المكان القدس, بيت لحم, نابلس, جنين
موعد الإنتهاء 08, Jan
شارك هذا العطاء