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RFPQ Title: Services of an Individual Expert to prepare a research paper on

“Establishing of Joint Committees -in particular, Regulatory and Building Committees for Village Councils”

RFPQ’s Reference Code: SDLG SRoL-11448.22.PS.1C


The Association of Palestinian Local Authorities (APLA), founded in 1997, is an independent organization mandated to represent and lobby for the collective interests of Local Government Units (LGUs) by supporting capacity building among local governments, facilitating exchange of knowledge and best practices, and serving as vehicle for dialogue between the central government and LGUs.

APLA is implementing the project (APLA’s Multiannual Action Plan – (MAAP) 2021-2025), largely financed by the European, aiming at strengthening LGUs collaborations on service delivery and local participatory development, and improve contributions to territorial integration, particularly in Area C. Specific objectives of MAAP aim at supporting the role of APLA as LGUs representative and dialogue partner with the Palestinian Authority, to support the role of the LGUs in the building process of future State of Palestine and to strengthen the institutional and operational capacities of APLA. 

In addition, in Nov.2022, APLA signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the International Cooperation Agency of the Association of Netherlands Municipalities (VNGi) targeting to express mutual intentions for a collaborative partnership in areas related to APLA’s mandate and VNGi’s projected objectives. The MoU is intended as a broad vehicle to promote programmatic interaction in the form of joint collaboration between the parties, as well as joint development of projects that are aligned with the respective missions of the parties and with benefit to both associations.

Project Brief:

Funded by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, VNGi is implementing the project “Sustainable Development through improved Local Governance (SDLG)”, The main objective of the project is “Local Authorities in marginalized communities in rural Palestine are increasingly legitimate and stable”, by enhancing the legitimacy and stability of local authorities in marginalized communities in rural Palestine, in the upcoming 5 years (2022-2026).

As part of the action, VNGi & APLA are keen to hire an individual expert to prepare the “Establishing of Joint Committees -in particular, Regulatory and Building Committees for Village Councils”.

The Main Objective of the Assignment:

To develop a research paper on “Establishing of Joint Committees -in particular, Regulatory and Building Committees for Village Councils”, in Arabic and English languages, as a comprehensive tool to help Village Councils (VCs) in Palestine in enhancing their organizational and financial management, which incorporates rooting of evidence-based thinking, approaches to diversification and expansion of managerial and financial aspects of VCs through Joint Local Committees in urban planning and building. Specific objectives of the assignment are specified in (Annex 1: ToR).

The Individual Expert should support VNGi & APLA with proven experience in such fields highlighted in their offer through submitting C.V. with relevant work experience and highlighting similar assignments or previous work.

RFPQ’s Conditions:

  1. Interested Individual Expert may obtain further information and inspect the bidding document through the website of APLA at (
  2. Clarifications and technical inquiries can be obtained from the VNGI, Field Manager Mr. Saleh Khalailah: [email protected] , during office hours (Sunday to Thursday, 8:00 AM to 04:00 PM) from 17 Sep.., 2023 to 24 Sep. 2023.
  3. The RFPQ’s documents in English may be downloaded from the APLA website (, filled, stamped, and submitted by interested Individual Experts.
  4. Offers must be submitted by email to Mrs. Amal Odeh: [email protected] , and Mr. Saleh Khalailah: [email protected], on or before 3:00 PM of 24 Sep. 2023. Late offers will be rejected.
  5. Payments requests and progress reports should be submitted to VNGi, in full compliance with its templates and formats
  6. The prices must be in (Euro). The Expert is responsible to pay all taxes, the gross amount shall be subject to any further deductions according to Palestinian Law.
  7. Offers shall be valid for a period of 30 days after offers’ submission deadline.
  8. Place of the assignment: West Bank, State of Palestine.



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