RfP for Quality Education and Student Services


Request for Proposals

for Partner CSOs and NGOs and non-profit Organizations for

Quality Education and Student Services Components

UNDP’s Programme of Assistance to the Palestinian People (UNDP/PAPP) is the leading development agency working together with the Palestinian people to fulfill their vision of a peaceful, sustainable, and equitable society by promoting democratic governance, human development, human security, and livelihoods. UNDP/PAPP has been entrusted with generous donation from Al Fakhoora, a Programme of Education Above All Foundation – Qatar to underserved youth in the Gaza Strip through Al Fakhoora Dynamic Futures Programme.

Al Fakhoora Dynamic Futures Programme (DFP) aims at effectively building a cadre of educated and trained leaders who are civic- minded, intellectually able, and professional to become community, Business, and national /global leaders of the future. The programme avails opportunities for Palestinian university-level students to actualize their professional and leadership potential by overcoming socioeconomic, political and cultural limitations and becoming enabled to productively engage in society.

Started in 2009, UNDP and its partners have envisioned this long comprehensive programme that links the provision of more than 1000 educational scholarships for post-secondary students to other supporting interventions such as; civic leadership opportunities, student services, economic empowerment for scholars’ families, career guidance, academic advising, civic engagement, and different personal and professional development opportunities.

Quality education and Student services are two major components of Al Fakhoora Dynamic Futures Programme. The program is serving, currently, 630 through offering several of services that under the category of the quality education (payment of tuition, transportation, tools, books ..etc) and student services ( Al Fakhoora House services, Ongoing academic support, English language and computer skills training, recreational and sport activities  and Ramdan Iftar) . Al Fakhoora Dynamic Futures Program is seeking to contract a professional local implementing partner to handle the ongoing administration of the quality education and student services on the ground.

Please check the link below for Guidance Note, Technical Proposal Template, Budget Template and Checklist for all required supporting documents.    


An orientation session will be held on 26 June 2018 at UNDP/Gaza Office @12:00 please confirm your participation by sending an email stating the name of the representative of your organization to: [email protected] with the subject "RfP for Quality Education and Student Services"

For clarifications Please email [email protected], deadline 27 June 2018

Deadline: 08 July 2018,

Submission of softcopies on [email protected]

Please note that the attachments should not exceed 10 Mb.

After the finalization of the application and attachments, the organization must submit a hard copy of the requested documents as mentioned in the Guidance Note, Technical Proposal Template, Budget Template and Checklist. Documents must be signed and stamped by the organization’s head to:

Al Fakhoora Dynamic Futures Programme Management Unit at the following address:


Dynamic Futures Programme


Omar Bin Abdul Aziz Street


Telephone:972 8 2822167

Facsimile:  972 8 2822021


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