Request for Tender of Solar Panels station Design


Request for Tender of Solar Panels station Design

       Deadline for submission: 29/07/2018

 The Palestinian Union of Housing Cooperative (PUHC) is Enhancing Framework of Cooperation among Housing Cooperatives in Palestine in partnership with the Swedish Organization We EFFECT.

 (PUHC) is a registered cooperative union at the Palestinian Ministry of Labour. The Union consists of a General Assembly which the highest decision-making body, that is made up from more than 30 housing cooperatives. These 30 cooperatives represent 1,124 males and 543 females. PUHC’s vision is to be an active and empowered cooperative union, contributing to the growth and development of a competitive Palestinian housing sector that fulfils the needs of the sector stakeholders and contributes to sustainable development. 

PUHC in partnership with the USAID are carrying out a project titled: “The Solar Panels Station” in Jeljlya village near Ramallah with area of 9,213 square meters. Under the framework of the project, the Palestinian Union of Housing Cooperative (PUHC) is planning to establish a station of Solar Panels to produce electricity that serves the Cooperatives in the middle of the West Bank.

The Station Designer has a core role within the PUHC’s engineering Consultant; The Designer must prepare a report that provides the following data:

  • Study and Site Background
  • Overview
    • AutoCAD Location with exact coordinate
    • the project site and boundary area;
    • Weather Metrology information
    • estimate of installed capacity;
    • Project Orientation and Tilt
    • Boundaries and shades
    • Electrical assessment

        Development of a PV System on Jeljlya land site (PV System design)

  • Proposed Installation Location Information
  • Useable area for PV System in Jeljlya land
  • PV Site Solar Resource
  • Assumptions and Input Data for Analysis
  • Appendix A. Site Information
  • Appendix B. PV Systems conceptual and detailed design
  • Appendix C. System Components Technical Description & Bill of quantity
  • Major System Components
    • PV Module
    • Inverter


  • Balance-of-System Components
  • Siting Considerations (shadow, space, surrounding building, ideal system size, energy use of the houses.
  • Appendix D. Annual energy output results
  • Appendix E. Financial Analysis and Feasibility Study

The designer shall submit a proposal (in either Arabic or English) for designing the Jeljlya Solar Station. The proposal should include two parts; technical and financial (lump sum). The proposals should be submitted in a sealed envelope and sent by email to the email address below: 

[email protected]

Interested candidates can find the AutoCAD file and the ToR of the Solar station in the below links:



For any further inquiries and explanations, you may visit our office at:

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