Reconstruction of destroyed water well No.2 in Tal Al-Sultan...


REF No. “ 2020-PEF-07 ”

The Palestinian Environmental Friends Association (PEF) is a nonprofit (non-governmental) organization and was established in 1998. It provides in turn important services in the environment and natural resources fields to all the Palestinian without taking any consideration; such as, political belongings and home places. These services are offered to them without any opposite. For further information about PEF, please visit: 

PEF in partnership with Oxfam is conducting a bidding process and invites your submission of a proposal to provide PEF, within their requirements, for: 

“Reconstruction of destroyed water well No.2 in Tal Al-Sultan area in Rafah governorate”

within the activities of project of "Rehabilitation of destroyed and deteriorated public WASH facilities located in vulnerable and undeserved communities in the Gaza Strip." which funded by United Nation Office For The Coordination Of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).

as per the conditions detailed in the Tender Dossier, including:

  • This invitation is open for all bidders with Valid Commercial and VAT registration, registration at “Palestinian Contractors Union (PCU)”, and a minimum “Second” grade classification by the “Palestinian National Committee of contractors’ classification” under the categories of both “Electro-mechanic and Construction”
  • Tender Dossier can be obtained by eligible Contractors (on the submission of a valid Classification Certificate) from June 22, 2020 until July 05, 2020 (09:30AM to 03:30PM) from the below address:

PEF Head Office
Amer Qeshta Building, 2nd Floor, Al-Jawazat junction 

Abu-Baker El-Sideeq (See) St.,
Rafah, Palestine

  • The deadline for submission of tenders is July 8, 2020 at 13:00 pm (Gaza Time) upon conditions in the tender dossier, the bids opening session after a half an hour of the time set as deadline submission of tenders.
  • The offers should be delivered in sealed and signed envelopes and must be accompanied by security Bid Bond, in the form of a bank guarantee (personal cheques will not be accepted), issued from a local reputable bank,  in the amount of 5% of the total price of the submitted financial offer with clear printing of the name of the bidder.
  • The price should be in USD excluding VAT and contractors and/or interested parties should be able to issue Zero VAT invoices to the service payments.
  • The pre-bid meeting for answering any inquires is June 29, 2020 at 13:00 (Gaza Time) in PEF head office.
  • PEF does not bind itself to award the tender to the lowest offer and reserves the right to accept the whole or part of the tender response.
  • The awarded contractor should pay the fees of advertisements in newspapers and any other platforms used to advertise this tender.

PEF looks forward to receiving a proposal from you and thank you for your interest in PEF services.

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