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ACTED is an independent international, private, non-partisan and non-profit organization that operates according to principles of strict neutrality, political and religious impartiality, and non-discrimination. ACTED was created in 1993 to support populations affected by the conflict in Afghanistan. Based in Paris, France, ACTED is present in four continents and our teams intervene in 36 countries towards 8 million people, responding to emergency situations, supporting rehabilitation projects and economic and social development. ACTED has worked in Palestine since 2007, ACTED is both committed to humanitarian assistance and long-term development. ACTED strives to strengthen the economic capacities of cooperatives in rural areas, consolidate civil society organizations, and provide emergency assistance to the most vulnerable, rural communities in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

ACTED is implementing a project of “Increasing and strengthening emergency preparedness and response of Rafah community, through NFI prepositioning and community empowerment” funded by the oPt Humanitarian Fund. The overall goal of the project is to increase and strengthen community preparedness for the local communities in Rafah governorate in case of future escalations of hostilities in the Gaza Strip, through Emergency NFIs prepositioning and community-capacity-building.

Part of the project, ACTED has established a community emergency response network (CERN) which includes two Community based protection committees (CBPCs) with 2 CBOs (in total 20 members) and Community Volunteers’ Network (70 volunteers), they will participate in all steps of Emergency Response including rapid needs assessment, organization and monitoring of NFI distribution, implementation of ER plan.

ACTED is looking for qualified and professional consultant to build the capacity of the Community Emergency Network members and the community volunteer network in developing emergency response plan at local level that will ensure timely and needs-based response to affected population in Rafah governorate during any conflict. Therefore, ACTED is planning to conduct training to increase and strengthen the emergency response capacity of Rafah community network members and volunteers’ networks through conducting 12 training days (72 training hours).

This consultancy will include a) providing training on emergency rapid need assessment, emergency planning, emergency response management, stock and distribution management, coordination with other emergency responders, coordination and networking, monitoring and reporting, Community participationb) providing coaching sessions in order to develop a comprehensive, and effective contingency plan to be as key resource and reference for any potential emergency situation.  ACTED is looking for qualified service providers (firms) with the following characteristics:

  • An advanced degree in Crisis Management, Social Science or any other related field.
  • Proven experience in managing Emergency Response interventions.
  • Training of trainers’ expertise, especially in the management of Humanitarian Crisis and Coordination of Emergency Response, Networking, Coordination and Referral.
  • Significant experience with research and analysis and demonstrated experience in developing emergency response plan and humanitarian interventions including skills such as participatory planning and methodology
  • Valuable experience in training and supervising humanitarian workers.
  • Demonstrate a strong understanding on humanitarian standards, Right to Participation, organisational capacity development, International humanitarian law and Human Rights, especially related to emergency response and preparedness.
  • Demonstrate experience in designing training agenda, manage group dynamics and enable groups to learn together based on their field experiences.


  • Good reporting, writing, and communication skills, with specific reference to analytical reports and studies.
  • Knowledge of context and cultural aspects.

Interested consultancy firm are welcomed to get the detailed ToR from ACTED office, located at Hijje Building (4th Floor).

Please submit the technical and financial offers (soft and hard copies) in sealed envelope by Thursday June 13, 2019, before 13:00 PM.

*The awarded consultant of this offer will be required to pay for the cost of this advertisement.

*Financial Offer must be in USD, the winning firm should provide ACTED with a certificate of non-deduct from the sources, and Invoice stamped with Zero VAT.

* For any enquiry, please call ACTED office 08-2828518

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