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Tender Announcement No. (2019/01)

Youth vision Society (YVS) is an independent Palestinian Youth Organization, established in 2009, registered at Ministry of Interior as a non-profit organization. YVS works in the field of youth empowerment, culture, arts, human rights, social improvement and civic participation. Youth, community leaders, women and representative of syndicates and unions have been targeted for different programs. YVS adopts participatory rapid approach in decision making. YVS conducts regular public consultation and participation meetings trying to set priorities in order to respond precisely to the needs of the youth.

Youth vision Society in partnership with UNDP/PAPP is working on the implementation of the Psychosocial Support Services for 630 of Al Fakhoora Dynamic Futures Programme Students and alumni under the student services component. Al Fakhoora Dynamic Futures Programme is multi-faceted programme, with four main inter-related components all working towards the overall vision; quality education, student affairs; leadership development and economic per the following conditions:

  1. Successful bidder will be responsible to pay all advertising fees in the advertising firm.
  2. Prices should be in US Dollars (USD), with VAT Exemption.
  3. Submit a zero-tax invoice and submit a source deduction certificate from the income taxes.
  4. Bidders are requested to provide initial security deposit of 5 % of the total amount of the tender as a bank guarantee paper or bank check issued by a bank accredited by Palestinian Monetary Authority in a separate external envelope valid for a period of 90 days from the tender opening date.
  5. offers will be evaluated technically and all unmatched offers will be disregarded.
  6. Deadline for submitting the tender documents is on Wednesday, 20/02/2019 at 12:00 pm at the Youth Vision Society (YVS) main office on the address which is mentioned below.
  7. A pre Bid Meeting will be held in YVS main office on Monday 18/02/2019 @ 13:30 PM.
  8. No bid will be considered after the date mentioned above.
  9. The envelopes will be opened on Wednesday, 20/02/2019 at 12.00 pm at the association main office, interested bidders are welcomed to attend the opening of the envelopes.
  10. Accordingly, Bidders wishing to participate in this tender can obtain tender documents by
    (50 USD) starting from Thursday, 14/02/2019 until Wednesday, 20/02/2019, at the Youth Vision Society (YVS) main office, Gaza- Al-Nasr Street, Al-Ejil Building, first floor (Tel.: 2857479, mobile: 0599754326) in the working hours from 8 AM to 3 PM.
  11. The tender could be divided into more than one bidder according to committee recommendations and based on evaluation results.
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