Project Evaluation


Post Project Evaluation in Khuza’a to Support NPA Conflict Preparedness & Protection (CPP) Risk Education Activities

Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) is a Norwegian non-governmental organization with roots in trade unions and labor movements, it’s a politically independent membership-based organization working in Norway and in more than 30 countries around the world. Founded in 1939 as the labor movement's humanitarian solidarity organization, NPA aims to improve people's living conditions and to create a democratic, just, and safe society. NPA's international work covers three core areas: mine action and disarmament, development, and humanitarian relief aid.

One key area of concern for NPA is that modern conflicts are increasingly long-lasting and fighting often takes place in urban areas. Civilians living in these populated conflict zones are often left to fend for themselves and lack the knowledge, skills, and resources to adequately protect themselves from harm. In recognition of this, NPA created its Conflict Preparedness and Protection (CPP) programme, which empowers civilians with the tools and knowledge they need to be better prepared and protected against the use of explosive weapons and other conflict-related threats. The principal modality for accomplishing this has typically been through conducting in-person training sessions and distributing educational reference materials for beneficiaries in the Gaza Strip.

NPA’s approach for 2020 sought to provide residents of Khuza’a with CPP risk education training directly in the home, while also distributing First Aid kits and basic COVID-19 mitigation supplies to each household targeted under the project. The number of households reached in Khuza’a under the project was 2,000 and the average household size was 5.7, receiving in-person training, educational material, and a first aid kit.

Purpose of the evaluation

The purpose of the evaluation is to measure the practices of people and the impact of CPP activities in Khuza’a during and after the May 2021 escalation. To this end, NPA will contract with a local consulting company. The consultant’s role will be to conduct interviews via the deployment of two teams over two months and collect and analyse data related to the project’s impact on local residents’ implementation of safety measures and risk education principles during crisis.

The information and recommendations from the evaluation will be used for NPA internal use to assess the project activities’ results and generate lessons learned to inform future programming, as well as externally as a component of NPA’s donor reporting and global protection advocacy efforts.

Qualities of the evaluators 

The evaluator should be skilled in conducting evaluations and reviews. The consultant must have substantive understanding of issues related to MEAL. Knowledge of project management and implementation is critical for this assignment. The evaluator should demonstrate ethical consideration including respectful attitude towards NPA partners and their constituency, as well as other stakeholders. 

The consultant should have proven experiences of previous assignments with development analysis, evaluations and reviews of similar nature as well as engaging communities using participatory methodologies. In addition, the consultant must have the following:

- Previous experience and proven track record in conducting MEAL operations similar to those detailed above. 

- Qualified staff capable of implementing the required monitoring activities. 

- Ability to work in close coordination with NPA and take operational direction as needed. 

- Eligible applicants must meet these requirements: 

- The applicant must be registered with the competent authorities and be officially registered in the tax departments. 

- The prices must be (EUR) and must include VAT, and the service provider should submit a tax invoice. 

- Financial proposal must be valid for a period of no less than 90 days. 

- A primary insurance to enter the competition must be attached to the bid entry, at a value of 5% of the bid value, either by a bank guarantee or a certified bank check, provided that it is valid for a period of 90 days. Cash or personal checks are not accepted. 

- A well-executed guarantee insurance of 5% of the bid's value must be presented by the winner with either a bank guarantee or a certified bank check, provided that it is valid for a period of at least 90 days. Cash or personal checks are not accepted. 

- NPA is not obligated to select the lowest price, NPA is seeking high-quality implementation and cost-effectiveness. The contract award will be made for the quotation offering the best value for money, based on service, quality and pricing considerations. The type of contract to be signed is a Service contract, in accordance with the NPA's standard procurement terms. 

- Please note that all consulting companies will be screened for applicable Norwegian People's Aid (NPA) eligibility requirements. Any suspected fraud and corruption in relation to this procurement process can be reported through the whistleblowing channel at NPA website

- The evaluator must be a registered entity in Gaza and be able to operate there without issue. 

- Valid Deduction at Source (DAS) certificate must be delivered by the winner. 

Interested applicants must submit Technical and Financial proposals with the following required components:

  • Covering letter detailing your company/organization’s background and relevant experience,
  • Clear Understanding of the main objective of the task,
  • Describe the methodology, analysis, timeframe and reaching the output plan as well,
  • Proposed budget and costings,
  • Background and experience of staff to be involved in the project.
  • Bank check or bank guarantee 5% of the total price.
  • Company registration documents.

Interested companies should send an email to: [email protected]  in order to receive a copy of the TOR, with the email subject: “NPA Palestine CPP Post Project Evaluation”

 Please submit your complete offer in sealed envelopes no later than Sunday, 29 of May 2022, at 13:00 at NPA office.

NPA Palestine office address: 2nd floor, Beirut Tower, Al Rasheed Street, Rimal, Gaza, Palestine

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