Price offer for Transcription and Qualitative Analysis


Request for Quotations No.:  RFQ#04/2021


The Guidance and Training Center for the Child and Family (GTC) was founded in Bethlehem in 1994 as a non-governmental, non-profit organization. The GTC’s vision comprises two main parts: First, GTC aims of providing high-quality mental health and social services that are accessible to all Palestinians. The focus of this aim is predominantly on children and adolescents. The GTC also works closely with families and society as a whole. Second, the GTC strives to contribute to international research in the field of psychology through various projects and studies, aimed at addressing the mental health needs of the local Palestinian community. This includes training the next generation of mental health professionals and researchers.

Our mission is to provide preventive and therapeutic services in the field of mental health, particularly for the child and family and the local community as a whole, and work on building the capacity of mental health practitioners in Palestine. We believe that contributing to research and studies in mental health, will enhance the development of mental health in Palestine.

We envision that all Palestinians will be able to access high-quality mental health services and that Palestinian mental health professionals will contribute to national and international psychology research.

As part of GTC’s activities, we would like to request a price quotation for transcription and qualitative analysis as listed in the attached request for quotation.

The bidder will receive an average of 32 recording hours till 31/03/2022. The bidder will also receive an average of 720 questionnaires till 31/03/2022.

Interested and qualified bidders are kindly requested to submit their offers for supplying services in the attached request for quotation RFQ#04/2021 and in accordance with the specifications and conditions clarified therein.

The offer shall be submitted to GTC by email to [email protected].

The deadline for submission is 12:00 PM on Monday 31/05/2021.

Attachments: Bid Form

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