Needs Assessment for (young) Women Producers Innovative Proj...


Power of Voices Partnership  

Needs Assessment for (young) Women Producers Innovative Projects

Background & Introduction:

The Palestinian Farmers’ Union (PFU) in partnership with OXFAM, are implementing a project titled “Power of Voices Partnership” funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs which aims to increase the accountability of government, responsiveness, fairness, through implementing better mechanisms related to agriculture policies that will achieve farmer aspirations and rights. Through the PVP project, we seek to contribute to achieving sustainability for Palestinian farmers and increase farmers’ awareness of their rights and their right to follow up and track the government’s failures in practicing agricultural policies that will have positive repercussions in the long run.

There are three inter-related outcomes that will be targeted: (1) Strengthened Civil Society (CS) collects evidence of rights abuses/support communities, (2) Strengthened CS has the capacity to improve (inter)national norms, (3) Strengthened CS mobilized the public to influence governments.


Palestinian women face a multitude of external and internal obstacles that impinge on their ability to fulfil their human rights to access, own, and control land and other productive resources. According to the OECD (2019) global report, Palestinian women face a high level of restricted access to productive and financial resources, In addition to that West Bank has a 16% unemployment rate, while Gaza has a 47% unemployment rate, Young graduates (under 30) have the highest unemployment rates in both the West Bank and Gaza, and there is still a sizable gender gap in all of the territories, with women's unemployment rates reaching 43% compared to men's 22%.


Women’s participation in the agricultural sector is fundamental to eliminating gender-based poverty. Women’s participation is significant to give more attention to issues affecting women, such as equal pay, better conditions of employment, childcare, violence against women, and unpaid labour.

Unfortunately, Women don't have opportunities to either engaged in the market or create new businesses, on top of that women with innovative projects are either forced to limit their production or change their strategies due to the lack of economical and capacity-building opportunities.

This project aimed to provide opportunities for 30 young innovative women with already existing projects to improve, expand, and accelerated their innovative agricultural project



This project aims to empower (young) women producers and return a FAIR share of value to rural communities, alongside more inclusive practices within existing value-chains, which Strengthened CSOs, women/producers/young entrepreneurs have co-created alternatives to current business practices with private and public sector actors.

PFU is seeking a consultant/company who will be responsible for developing a need assessment that will analysis / highlight the needs of the selected 30 participants (entrepreneurs), and their already existing project, and propose training Topics suited for their needs.

 The needs assessment will be essential to the project, as it will be used to build the training curriculum and tailored according the needs of each individual/project.

Consultancy Objectives

  • Determine needs and issues of the chosen 30 women and young entrepreneurs.
  • Determine what actions / information are required in order to increase the chances of profitability for the chosen innovative projects.
  • Offer/Provide recommendations for capacity-building opportunities and the Topics to focus on in trainings.

Please submit the proposal (separate technical & financial offer) and requested documents by inhaled envelopes to the Palestinian Farmers Union headquarters (al-Bireh, close to the representative office of the Netherlands) no later than the 30 of November 2022

For more details, kindly check the enclosed TOR.

For any questions, feel free to contact the Project coordinator:

Amjad Anabtawi


[email protected]

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