Local consultancy for child protection and safeguarding trai...


Title of the Study: Local consultancy for child protection and safeguarding training

Duration: Five working days

Location: West Bank, Palestine

Deadline:                                   6th September 2018


DCA and NCA have both been active in the Palestinian areas since the early 1950’s and started their engagement in the region with relief to the Palestinian refugees on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem. Both organizations have been working closely together with a variety of local Palestinian and Israeli faith based and secular organizations. In 2015, DCA/NCA has developed a Joint Country Programme 2016-2020 in Palestine with DCA as a lead agency. The overall vision for this program is that Palestinians enjoy equality, self-determination, democracy, as well as access to justice and accountability in accordance with International Human Rights Law (IHRL) and International Humanitarian Law (IHL). The main goal of this strategy is: By 2020, in the areas where we work, Palestinian women, men, girls and boys will be more resilient and have increased access to their rights according to IHL and IHRL. To ensure the achievement of this goal, DCA/NCA’s program focuses on four main thematic areas; Active citizenship, economic empowerment, humanitarian response as well as international advocacy. This is in addition to our strategic ecumenical partnership interventions that support churches and ecumenical partners. Capacity building of partners is definitely a cross-cutting priority.

DCA/NCA is currently implementing a project with grass roots organizations in the South Hebron Hills area. This project has been developed to meet the needs of the women, youth and children of the area. The main goal of this project is to strengthen the South Hebron Hills communities' resilience and sense of security by addressing socioeconomic and security needs. This will be achieved through a wide range of activities that aims at empowering women in the area which will include provision of scholarships to females in the area, providing classes in Arabic and English for women as well as through providing social work services to the communities. Moreover, there will be activities that aim at elevating the educational level of the residents of the targeted communities (females, males and children) through the provision of after school classes for children in English and Mathematics, raising awareness among youth about the importance of education as well as the summer camps for kids. Additionally, DCA/NCA is investing in building the capacities of partners to become more established grassroots organizations capable of implementing their own interventions. This role in strengthening partners is based on capacity building interventions as well as closely co-implementing and monitoring their implementation plan and report on impact.

Objective of the consultancy:

To strengthen the capacities of two main grass-roots organizations’ at technical level on the effective prevention of and response to child protection and safeguarding of children in their areas of operations by means of developing, delivering and facilitating a 2 days training. The training workshop shall result in the adaptation of a child protection and safeguarding policy for the partner organizations to be implemented while implementing projects in the South Hebron Hills areas.

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Submission of proposals and closing date:

Documents comprising the Request for Proposal

The Candidate shall complete and submit the following documents with his proposal:
Proposal Submission Form (Annex 2) duly completed and signed by the Candidate
Organization and Methodology using the structure in (Annex 1).
CV. highlighting the Candidate’s experience in the specific field of the Services and his/her specific experience in the country/region where the Services are to be performed;
The proposal and all correspondence and documents related to the Request for Proposal exchanged by the Candidate and the Contracting Authority must be written in the language of the procedure, which is English. Individual consultants are also invited to apply for this ToR

Proposals must be sent to [email protected] by email not later than Thursday the 6th September 2018 by 16:00 pm.

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