Request for proposal Office Set Up Installation, Constructi...


Request for proposal 

Office Set Up Installation, Construction

Afkar Production Company Invites the related companies to submit a tender  for Preparing Jerusalem 24 radio office,  Internal office chopping/ painting / electrical and internet networks, and isolating the studio. The works to be done are for use by Afkar Production. The Supplier should submit a quotation as one lot.

Details are in the link below.

Note: Quotes can be sent by email. Tender closing date 20/05/2020 before 4 p.m, according to the attached terms and conditions.

"For more details, please contact May Abu Assab; at [email protected], or by phone 0597940099."

Attachment: Details

المكان رام الله والبيرة
موعد الإنتهاء 20, May
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