Implementing Partnership


Terms of References (ToR) for Implementing Partnership

Contracting authority                       Stichting SPARK

Programme title                                Innovation that scales start-up ecosystems in Mediterranean countries

Outcomes                                          Innovation, start-up, scale-up, advocacy

Country- Region                                Palestine

Duration                                             12 months

 Contracting Authority – SPARK

SPARK develops higher education and entrepreneurship to empower young, ambitious people to lead their fragile and conflict-affected societies into prosperity. SPARK is a dynamic and growing international not-for-profit development organisation with 100+ staff members in more than 14 offices around the world.

SPARK supports refugees in the Middle East by providing them with scholarships in universities and higher education institutions in the region. SPARK also supports young entrepreneurs in fragile states to start or grow their own businesses.


SPARK, with the support of the European Commission, is looking for partners who can support providing existing and emerging innovation support organisations (tech hubs, accelerators, incubators, university hubs, etc.) with capacity building to enhance and diversify start-up services provided. The programme aims to work with organizations working on green entrepreneurship, tech and digitalization and social entrepreneurship. Furthermore, we encourage organizations aimed at women’s entrepreneurship and empowerment to apply. Interested organizations can apply to support one or more sectors or outcomes.

The overall objective of this programme is to strengthen the local start-up ecosystems and their actors in Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, and Tunisia to support innovation, employment and economic growth.

For further details, please visit the following link: ToR

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