Feasibility Assessment Research– Islamic and Christian Cultu...


Re-tender for the Second Time

Request for Proposal – RFP  

Feasibility Assessment Research– Islamic and Christian Cultural - IRTH006

Quotation Number: ENI/2019/409-048        

Date of publishing: Monday, 16-November-2020 and Thursday, 19 - November – 2020 the day we will send by e-mail the RFP to all.

Proposal submission date until: Thursday, 26-November-2020 (16:00).

Palestinian Heritage Project

This project is implemented by Palestinian Vision Organization in partnership with PASSIA and ACT and funded by the European Union:

The Service is to conduct in-depth comprehensive research, which designed to provide the evidence base for the future strategic protection and development of the Islamic and Christian cultural heritage properties in Jerusalem, by understanding different aspects of the cultural heritage situation in Jerusalem which will include; academic background, statistics and historical index; mapping and review of maps; feasibility assessment of Waqf properties, legal framework and cases. The research will include case studies when relevant, recommendations and suggestions on how to access and protect cultural rights, annexes of documentation and reports of ownership/ linkages/ lineages related to Islamic Waqfs and Christian properties/ Palestinian families etc.  

Qualified individual experts are encouraged to participate in this competition by requesting a FREE softcopy of the Request for Proposal by contacting the e-mail; ([email protected] [email protected] ) starting 16 November-2020, and to submit their offers by hand to the Palestinian Vision at the addressed indicated below or scanned signed copies by e-mail to  ([email protected], [email protected]  ), no later than Thursday, 26-November-2020 (16:00).


  • All prices in EURO and exclude VAT, as the project is VAT-Exempted. Awarded Bidder will be required to provide Zero-VAT invoices upon final delivery of all services required.
  • The unit rates and prices shall be quoted by the Bidder entirely in EUR.
  • Proposals should be submitted by hand or Scanned signed copies by e-mail, on or before the assigned deadline.
  • Late and/or incomplete submissions will be rejected.
  • Delivery of all services shall not exceed the date mentioned in Request for Proposal.
  • Please state the consultancy and its number in the title of your submission email, emails missing consultancy and/or consultancy number will be disqualified. 

The Palestinian Vision organization Address referred to above is -

Palestinian Vision organization located at Jerusalem
Al Rasheed Street, Chamber of Commerce building, 5th floor
Tel: 02 6285080
Palestinian Vision organization located at Bethlehem
 Main Street Jerusalem Hebron Street, Al Qasem Building. 
 Tel: 02 2760222
Palestinian Vision organization located at Al Bireh 
Al Balou, Al Amal Tower, First floor, Tel: 02 242 1270
For any Question or Clarification, please direct your inquiries by emails or telephones mentioned above. 
المكان القدس, رام الله والبيرة, بيت لحم
موعد الإنتهاء 26, Nov
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