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Subject: Request for Quotation 

REFORM is planning to contract with an expert to review and develop its financial, administrative and procurement manuals, policies, and procedures to meet new institutional and operational updates and changes with regard to the association, in additions to any new issued laws in Palestine, also to be line with the best international and managerial practices. The revision and development of the manuals will be based on the below mentioned terms of reference. The revision and development of manuals will be performed within the framework of the “Access Beyond Barriers” project. Interested candidates are required to submit their financial and technical offer no later than Tuesday, 07.04.2020, before 16:00 pm.

Needed Background: 

  1. Master's degree in Accounting or Business Administration or any related field.
  2. Good knowledge in the accounting principles of not for profit institutions.
  3. Experience of at least 10 years in financial and administrative positions.
  4. Previous work experience for at least 5 years in not for profit institutions in advanced positions related to financial and administrative positions.
  5. Previous experience in the production of not for profit financial, administrative and procurement manuals. 
  6. Internal audit certificate is a plus.

Duties must include but not limited to the below mentioned specifications:

First: Review Financial Policy Guidelines: 

  • Reviewing and developing financial policies.
  • Reviewing financial responsibilities.
  • Reviewing and developing accounting policies.
  • Reviewing and developing grants managements policies.
  • Reviewing and developing currencies managements processes.
  • Reviewing and developing financial managerial reports.
  • Reviewing and developing cash management.
  • Reviewing and developing financial decision-making processes including the assurance of separation of duties.
  • Develop clear work flow. 
  • Develop clear procedural framework.
  • Develop clear division of labor between actors within TSU (Financial and Administrative unit), and employees’ TOR’s accordingly.
  • Reviewing and developing salary scale and benefits.
  • Reviewing and developing archiving mechanism.
  • Develop clear guidelines for annual budgeting.
  • Develop clear internal financial audit framework.
  • Develop anti-corruption and anti-fraud framework.
  • Reviewing and developing External Audit policies.
  • Reviewing and developing financial templates for every duty.
  • Developing services honorarium bases.

Note: All procedures and policies have to be gender sensitive.

Second: Guidelines for Policies, Administrative Procedures and Human Resources

  • Reviewing and developing employees’ affairs including (Types of contracts, eligibility for Employment in the Association, Job Categories, Platforms for Publishing Vacancies, Recruitment procedures, Working hours, Staff Files, Staff Classification, Payroll Procedures, and bonuses and Incentives).
  • Reviewing and developing employees personal and national vacations.
  • Reviewing and developing compliance policies.
  • Reviewing and developing corrective measures and penalties
  • Reviewing and developing for insurance policies.
  • Reviewing and developing and volunteering system.
  • Reviewing and developing fundraising policies.
  • Reviewing and developing complains policies.
  • Reviewing and developing monitoring and evaluation policies.
  • Reviewing and developing administrative templates.
  • Note: All procedures and policies have to be gender sensitive.

Third: Procurement Guidelines:

  • Reviewing and developing general framework.
  • Reviewing and developing general provisions.
  • Reviewing and developing objectives of Procurement.
  • Reviewing and developing objectives of Procedural Manual
  • Reviewing and developing Responsibilities and Competences.
  • Reviewing and developing Procurement and Purchasing Policies.
  • Reviewing and developing Methods and Purchasing Authorities (Goods and Services).
  • Reviewing and developing Receiving and Inspecting Price Offers.
  • Reviewing and developing Single Source Procurement and Justification.
  • Reviewing and developing archiving mechanism.
  • Reviewing and developing templates.

General specifications: 

  1. Revision and development of the manuals must be finalized within a maximum of one month from the date of contract.
  2. Interviews with employees and an analysis of the current status for REFORM must be conduct to help perform the revision and development.
  3. Training for staff on the application of the manuals and enforcement to maintain good governance in the Association. 
  4. Propose clear oversight mechanisms that facilitate the implementation of the law, to avoid bureaucratic obstructionism

Submission Criteria:

Individuals who meet the needed background and are interested in accomplishing the revision and development of manuals. kindly submit the following requirements by e-mail: [email protected] no later than Tuesday, 07.4.2020 before 16:00 pm.

The technical offer should include:

Resume in English that reflects the needed background in general and specially the professional work experience (Resumes with a personal picture or any distinctive sign will not be considered).

Daily Work methodology that reflects above-mentioned duties and specifying total number of working days.

Price offer should be drafted in English and submitted in ILS per day (8 hours). All taxes must be included in the final price.

Technical and Price offer should be signed, stamped, scanned and sent to the following email address: [email protected].


Individuals are only accepted.

Payments will be made upon deliverables.

​​​​​​​Please indicate the title as " Manuals" in the email subject line. 

Announcement fees for the quotation will be paid by the bid winning service provider.

REFORM is not obliged to accept offers with the lowest price. 

Individuals can submit a valid deduction on source certificate or else 5% the total payment will be deducted as income tax.

We will be evaluating each company based on the following weights:

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us on: Telefax: 02-2966645 or Email: [email protected].

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