EU Monitoring System in Palestine

Invitation for Request for Price Quotation (RFQ)
Enabel - Belgian development agency / EU Monitoring System in Palestine
Reference No.:  PZA170371T
Project Name: “ICT Assessment for PMO Datacenter”  

The office of Prime Minister (PMO) is governmental responsible body for Planning, Policy and Aid coordination, for that they are working on developing new system that will facilitate and support them to achieve their duties. The Aid Management system and GIS will be the official Hub- tool that all PA entities and donor will use to provide there data on it, these data and information will be the pillar of PMO in planning and leading the AID coming to Palestine. This project is funded by EU commission and implemented by Belgium development agency Enable.
The development of the AMIS system involved a series of steps starting with the understanding of the vision, mission, and strategic objectives of the Prime Minister office. Afterwards, an analysis of the current ICT environment must be performed to confirm the adequacy of the ICT infrastructure to support the implementation and deployment of AIMS system. This analysis guided to identification of gaps and challenges. Form strategic recommendations for development with possible solutions to address gaps and challenges identified.
The Belgian Technical Cooperation (Enabel) is entrusted in execution and supervision of the implementation of the Project and intends to apply the fund for the benefit of Prime Minister Office under the contract of “Area C Monitoring System”  
  1. Enabel / EU Monitoring system in Palestine now invites sealed request for RFQ from eligible and qualified experts for carrying out ICT Assessment for PMO Datacenter”  
  2. Quotation will be conducted through the Belgian Public Procurement Guide and is open to all experts, as defined in the Term of reference.  
  3. Qualifications requirements are presented in the Term of reference.
  4. Interested eligible Experts may obtain further information from Enabel / EU Monitoring System in Palestine, Tel.: +970562121332
  5. A complete set of offer documents in English may be received by interested by email [email protected] or at Enabel premises in Ramallah.
  6. Offers must be delivered to the address below at or before 02:00 noon on Sunday 28-02-2021. Late offers will be rejected.  
  7. Interested candidates are requested to obtain a copy of the Terms of Reference, RFQ by contacting Enabel Representation Office via email at [email protected]  or the Project Technical Adviser at [email protected] 
Ramallah Office:
Name: Enabel - Belgian development agency
Street Address: Al Amal Tower, Mecca Street
Floor/Room number: 4th Floor 
City: Al Bireh
Country: West Bank / Palestine
Telephone: +970562121332
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