Equipping Six Critical Water and Wastewater Facilities With...


Request for Proposal

(LRPS-2021-9165494 – Equipping Six Critical Water and Wastewater Facilities With Complete PV Systems, Along With All Associated Works)


At the heart of the deterioration in Gaza’s infrastructure and service delivery is an aggravation of Gaza’s longstanding electricity crisis. The long power outages have severe consequences such as the impact on the operation of water treatment facilities, wastewater pumping stations, operation of water wells and drinkable/ piped water supply.

Accordingly, six water and wastewater facilities are proposed to be equipped with a PV system in order to bridge the power supply gap with renewable energy. The overall objective of this intervention is to improve access to water and sanitation for children, men and women in vulnerable households in Gaza.


Construction of a PV solar energy system to achieve the following:

  • Increase the operating hours and increased access of vulnerable households to lifesaving WASH services, Improve the water quantity,
  • Saving power consumption and fuel.
  • Operating the facility in emergency cases and conflicts.
  • Contribution partially to improve the operation of the WASH components.
  • Minimize the environmental pollution by running the existing pumps and standby electric generators

Scope of Work:

The main objective of this project is to equip six water and wastewater facilities with solar energy systems in order to bridge the power supply gap with renewable energy.  A list of six facilities were selected by CMWU to be equipped with PV solar system, PV solar plant will be used as a basic electrical feeder in corporation with other sources (fuel generator, GEDCO source) to provide the electrical loads and minimize the operational cost within the facilities.

“The Pre-Bid Meeting will be held on Monday 15.03.2021 at 10:00 AM at the CMWU Building in Al Zahraa Area”.


The deadline of the LRPS has been extended till 14.04.2021 by latest 14:00 hrs (Jerusalem Time)

For those who are interested, kindly download the full tender documents

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