EOI for Mapping of Income Generation Modalities


Expression of Interest for Mapping of 

Income Generation Modalities adopted by Palestinian NGOs and Not-for Profit Companies


Drosos Foundation is a private Foundation constituted under Swiss law and acknowledged as a non-profit organisation. It is ideologically, religiously and politically independent. Drosos is committed to enabling disadvantaged children, young people and young adults to take control of their lives and make a positive contribution within their community. It promotes skills and creates living conditions, which enable these people to fulfil their responsibilities. The Foundation is convinced that life and technical skills are key elements in personal development. These skills help children, young people and young adults to be independent in the way they manage and take responsibility for their own lives.


In the last few years, many Palestinian NGOs and not for profit companies started facing challenges in sustaining their programs due to the lack of public funding for art and culture, as well as International Aid priorities where allocated funds have shifted and/or decreased. Based on its strategy; Drosos Foundation – Ramallah Office recognizes that its success is highly dependent on the strength of its partners hence their ability to stimulate systematic favourable change and social value creation. This makes organization development (skills, tools, systems and methods) a crosscutting key driver for empowering partners to manage change effectively and in a manner that increases their effectiveness, viability and sustainability. Drosos Foundation aims at supporting local partners in ensuring adequate level of financial resilience, through diversifying income sources, decreasing reliance on donors to a more sustainable revenue mix that might include earned income components without affecting the organizations’ identity and/or core mandate. As a first step to start this, a mapping study of tested or existing modalities is needed to identify what has been done in this regard, which models were able to generate income and which were not and for what reasons.

Interested consultants should follow the below link to read the full document of “Terms of Reference”.

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