Environmental and Social Impact Assessment For  Installation...



Environmental and Social Impact Assessment For  Installation of Main Sewer Line in Branching Rural Roads in al-Amal Area at North of Gaza

MA’AN has been working on implementing a project entitled “Nutrition-WASH-Health Response in Gaza”. The project is funded by Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The project’s global goal is to Reduce the risk and prevalence of malnourishment and WASH related transmissible diseases among vulnerable communities in Gaza. And with the following outcomes achieved and realized during the project implementation:

  • Affected people in the targeted communities have increased access to safe and equitable water storage/supply.
  • Affected people have access to a hygienic environment through provision of sanitation services that are secure, sanitary, user friendly and gender- appropriate.
  • Vulnerable people have access to hygiene messages and hygiene items appropriate to their context and living conditions.
  • Local duty bearers (municipalities, WASH and health service providers, etc.) are reached through meetings/workshops/public hearing sessions to address WASH/nutrition community needs.

Within this project, MA’AN is seeking a consultancy firm to elaborate an environment and social impact assessment (ESIA) in order to ascertain the possible environmental and social impacts of the infrastructural subcomponents(sewer line installation and WASH facilities upgrade) ; detail the possible environmental and social impacts of the sewer line construction; and to manage, mitigate, and monitor any possible negative impacts during the design, construction and operational phases of the project; and where possible enhance positive impacts. The assessment should be carried out in conformity with requirements of the Palestinian Environmental Assessment Policy.

The expected key qualifications for the consulting firm:

  • A high academic degree in related fields; 
  • Proven expertise working in conducting Environmental and Social Impact Assessments
  • Proven knowledge of WASH situation in the Gaza Strip 
  • Ability to develop concrete methodology and timeframe for delivering the required consultancy service within the specified duration.

Interested consultant firm should review the full ToR for this consultancy and can get a copy from it from MAAN-Gaza Office  from 15th July 2019  – 22nd July 2019  and submit offer in two sealed envelopes; one for the technical offer and another one for the financial offer by 23rd July 2019  (before 12:00 pm) at MA’AN Development Center office in Gaza, Palestine (Haidar Abd Al Shafi Square,Al Motaz 2 Building –Ground Floor Next to Blood Bank Building, Tel.: 08-2823712) .

  •  The awarded Consultant of this offer will be required to pay for the cost of this advertisement.
  • Offers will be assessed first on their technical merit using the evaluation criteria below. Only technical scores of at least 70 points will qualify for the financial review. The financial offer weight is 30% from the total weight while the technical offer is 70% of the total weight. 
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