Employees Health (Medical) Insurance


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Employees Health (Medical) Insurance

Action Against Hunger tackles the causes and effects of hunger and diseases that threaten the lives of vulnerable children, women and men. Established in France in 1979, Action Against Hunger are a nongovernmental, non-political, non-religious, non-profit organisation. 

Action Against Hunger – Palestinian Territory (Gaza Strip) intends to award a service contract to a Health (Medical) insurance policy.

The interested companies should submit:

  1. Price offer per below category
    1. Employee (23 persons)
    2. Employee spouse (19 persons)
    3. Employee dependant (only children) below 18 years (51 children)
  2. Health (Medical) insurance coverage, terms and conditions
  3. The reimbursement system
  4. The calculation/addition in case of adding a new employee
  5. The calculation/refund in case of cancelling an existing employee 
  6. Treatment inside/outside the hospitals
  7. List of areas that will be covered by the policy (example: Gaza strip, West Bank, Jerusalem,  .., etc)
  8. Treatment coverage outside Palestine
  9. List of customers that the company is contracting with for the health (medical) insurance. 
  10. Insurance period: one year starting from 28/11/2019

Please include the contact person email and phone number in the offer.

 Please refer to the below contact for any enquires:

Mr. Armando Gamboa

Base Logistic – Gaza 

[email protected]

The service provider must be registered with the local authorities of Palestine and must submit their registration certificate with the offer. 

The interested companies must submit their offer maximum by 30th September 12:00 PM (Gaza time) in a closed envelop on AAH office: Rasheed Street, Abo Ghalion Building (2), 6th Floor. 

Action Against Hunger does not bind itself to award the service contract to the lowest financial offer or any offer. 

Advertising fees will be on the awarded company.

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