Digital marketing training and content development


ToR: Digital marketing training and content development


Oxfam and its partners are implementing a four-year large-scale agricultural market development program in the West Bank and Gaza funded by SDC and Danida. The program, ‘Integrated Market Development Program across the occupied Palestinian territory’, seeks to strengthen the potential of the agricultural sector to provide employment and income opportunities for women and men small-scale producers (SSPs). Its overall goal is to contribute to resilient, sustainable, and equitable agricultural growth. 

The program aims to operate on two levels: at the sectoral level to facilitate agricultural market system changes and specific value chains level. The initially selected value chains are high-value vegetables especially baby vegetables; high-value fruit trees, including date palms; and dairy cow value chains, with food processing as a cross-cutting area chain; the program will engage in, given its high growth potential and its relevance to women’s economic empowerment. 

UCAS Technology Incubator (UCASTI) is implementing the Agripreneurs component within this program. UCASTI, within its responsibilities, is entrusted to support and develop start-ups and social entrepreneurs in agriculture sector through providing business support package including financial and technical support to 28 innovative ideas in agriculture sector covering individual and customized needs; business development services, legal consultation and services, incubation, and knowledge transfer on technical and managerial levels.

Intervention goal and objectives:

Main goal:

The project mainly aims at empowering both youth and women through promoting businesses in agriculture sector.


  • Raise awareness of the importance of agricultural sector in alleviating unemployment rate among youth and women.
  • Fostering innovative idea generation delivered by youth and women.
  • Provide incubation services for 31 start-ups/ideas and assist with the transfer to the local market.
  • Improved economic conditions for more than 75 youth and women and their families.

Scope of work:

Digital marketing training program: 

The service provider is expected to submit a detailed training agenda including training materials to boost the Agripreneurs knowledge and capacity to have deeper understanding of the digital marketing and to be able to draft their own digital marketing strategies. In addition to raise their knowledge of the digital multimedia contents and understand the pros and cons of each content type and what it takes to ensure the content quality to secure wider reach and engagement over social media.

For those who are interested, kindly download the RFP/TOR

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