Development proposal for Institutionalization of Better Lear...


Annex 1 to consultancy contracts in English (NRC-120786/NRC-120782)


NAME: To be identified

TITLE: Development proposal for Institutionalization of Better Learning programme with the Palestinian Ministry of Education

DUTY STATION: Home-based with travel to West Bank (Palestine)

REPORTING TO:  NRC Head of Programme Operations


The protracted conflict in West Bank has long-lasting negative effects on the psychosocial well-being of children and their caregivers. NRC has been addressing the psycho-educational impact of attacks on education and aims to bridge the divide between humanitarian interventions and long-term development assistance through a four-fold approach including the Better Learning Programme (BLP), emergency school capacitation grants, Information Counselling and Legal Assistance, and advocacy.  

The Better Learning Programme (BLP) focuses on improving pupils’ learning capacity by integrating techniques for coping with traumatic stress into daily teaching and learning, and encouraging pupils’ natural recovery. The BLP programme has been implemented successfully in Palestine since 2011 and subsequently throughout the Middle East region, out of recognition for the need for non-specialised and classroom-based psycho-social services (PSS) and social and emotional learning (SEL) interventions. It is the product of a successful, long-standing, research-practice collaboration between NRC and the University of Tromsø (UiT) in Norway.

NRC Palestine has been invited by the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD) to submit a three-year proposal (2020 – 2022) to integrate BLP into the MoE’s education system and establish a solid foundation to support the institutionalization of non-specialized PSS into the MoE education system. Under the Education in Emergencies umbrella, NRC will continue to work in the most vulnerable schools in the West Bank to directly support and follow up on BLP implementation. NRC will ensure support and guidance for this proposed project with the MoE in implementing the institutionalization plan. 


The consultant will support the development of the NORAD proposal, to be submitted to NRC HO by 2 September 2019. 

The expected outputs for the consultancy:

  • To draft a proposal which reflects the priorities set by the donor and NRC Palestine
  • To ensure that the proposal is embedded in the planning and prioritization of the MoE 
  • To absorb the results of the University of Tromsø 2019 research as a baseline of children’s psychosocial support needs
  • To work with the finance team to develop a budget for a maximum amount of 17 million NOK for 3 years

Progress plan with milestones and delivery dates:

  • Full narrative proposal in the donor’s template
  • Full result framework in the donor’s template
  • Inputs for the finance team to finalise the budget 
  • Prior experience with psycho-educational programmes is a requirement, experience with the Better Learning Programme is an asset
  • Experience in the Middle East region is a requirement, previous experience in Palestine is an asset
  • Proposal must be in English and final endorsement will be upon approval by NRC 
  • Equipment to be used: the consultant will have to use his/her personal laptop
  • All necessary project, M&E data, sector documents will be made available by NRC
  • Independent consultants must be registered as sole traders or companies
  • Lodging during assignment will be at the NRC guesthouse if available
  • Applicants are requested to submit workplan, CV and financial offer

Deadline for expression of interest: 17 July 2019 at 11:59 am 

Please send expressions of interest to: [email protected] 

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