Development of Accessible Website for QADER


RFQ Name: Development of Accessible Website for QADER

RFQ No.: 01 – GA – 2018

Funded By: BMZ through GIZ


QADER for Community Development is a Palestinian non-governmental, not-for-profit, and independent organization dedicated to promoting better well-being of persons with disabilities in Palestine. Since its founding in 2008, QADER has assumed its functional responsibility thereinafter addressing the disability issue from a human rights perspective, and demonstrated a rights’ based approach in tackling the various issues of persons with disabilities.

QADER focuses on development models that are based on thorough analysis of the context and needs of persons with disabilities and key stakeholders. Several models were developed, piloted, replicated, or scaled up in many areas and fields, including mainstreaming disability in local authorities & higher education institutions, institutionalizing awareness in the education system, enhancing socio-economic participation of person with disabilities and their families.

QADER has received a grant from GIZ aiming to promote the role of Palestinian civil society to become an effective force in the protection and monitoring of human rights in line with international human rights standards, conventions, and instruments. As one of the project specific objectives is to enhance QADER’s organizational capacities, and accordingly QADER aims to develop an accessible website.

To develop a comprehensive and accessible website for QADER in line with the latest standards on information system accessibility.

Description of the task:

To develop QADER’s website on an robust, high functional and user-friendly Content Management System (CMS)
The new design should reflect the latest trends. It should be attractive and interactive
Integrated newsletter management system.
To secure seamless migration of the current data and content to the new CMS
To deliver the essential features identified below
To deliver a technical training to 2-3 people from QADER on the content management system.
To provide two years of technical maintenance for the website.


The site structure (design) should be parameterized to allow for any future development and the addition of new features
Simple and easy navigation with the minimum number of clicks
To function on all web browsers and platforms (especially mobiles)
Integration with social media (such as live update widgets, plugins and sharing) and optimization for social media sharing (Facebook open graph integration)
Optimization for search engines (SEO) in order to achieve top‐ranking listings
Multilingual (Arabic & English) with the flexibility to add new languages
Dynamic form building process; all forms such as Feedback forms, registration, survey, job application, etc. should be managed through the content management system and connected to the database.
Other general requirements, such as fast loading, security, free from bugs…etc., are to be considered.
Website should have the capability to sending emails for a registered mail list
Capability to archive articles
Maps (google maps, better if ESRI integration) and be able to manage JSON files


In order to reduce efforts and time spent on managing and updating the website, the following should be considered:

The CMS should be user‐friendly and easy to manage
Several user profiles, privileges and workflow
One login for all language versions
The ability to edit on the fly with preview support
The ability for admin to add/modify/delete blocks and modules and to manipulate themes and layout
Support smart HTML editor with tagging features
The admin should be able to create different types of page templates: website standard templates, plain templates, templates per section (news, stories, programs, etc.) and advanced templates
The ability to create standalone pages, not linked to any section of the website, to be used for online marketing/advertising and fundraising campaigns
FTP client mode with several user privileges
The website and all pages should be configured with google analytics with information on tracking details on all website pages and traffic.
Support several types of modules (news, publications, photo gallery, video gallery, careers, etc.)
The ability to manage and manipulate online forms/applications
The ability to send information to predefined email address lists (form‐to‐email)
The ability to send auto email alerts/confirmations when applying for a job, email subscription, membership, and grant application, to the visitor confirming submission, and to the designated WA contact email. The CMS should provide storage for this in a user friendly manner.
the ability to manage the members of website
Manage JSON import and export for maps


The website must not be dependable on any operating system, internet software, web server, or any controls

The vendor will provide training for the OCJRP staff on the system including the Site Structure

Offers should include: 2 year support

The documentation should include the following:

User manuals and on‐line help.
Professional code documentation on each part of the code including the structure of the


Intellectual property and copyright of all documents produced within the framework of this Consultancy Agreement belong to QADER for Community Development. Permission to make other use of these documents requires the written agreement of all parties.

The Assignment will be considered complete on:

Training of 2 staff from QADER
Professional tool (CRM)
One click installation
Installation of the final application which fulfills the IT acceptance criteria
Complete handover of installation to QADER
Transfer of all user rights to QADER
Submission of required documentation is complete, approved and signed along with the complete source code
Successful functioning of the application with no functionality and data issues reported


The assignment should start after signature of the Contract and be concluded in 3 months, plus 2 year for the maintenance service.

The vendor should have previous experience of creating, developing and maintaining portals for organizations implementing similar type of projects for a period not less than three years. The team leader should have professional/post‐graduate qualification in Information Technology with exposure to multimedia applications, well acquaintance in using web applications and building it with the most recent (best) frameworks (strong and quick).


Payment will be done upon completion of all tasks and approval of final output.


Interested Offerors can obtain the RFQ Solicitation Document from QADER for Community Development through sending a request by email to: [email protected]

Deadline for submitting proposals: 12:00 PM, Saturday 09/06/2018

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