Development of a standardized Pre-internship training packag...



Development of a standardized Pre-internship training package

MA’AN is an independent Palestinian development and training institution established in January, 1989, registered by law as a non-profit organization. The main office is located in Ramallah and the other branch offices are located in Gaza, and Jenin. MA’AN's work is informed by the necessity of creating independent, self-reliant initiatives that lead to the development of human resources for sustainable development, which incorporate values of self-sufficiency and self-empowerment.

MA’AN in partnership with UNDP/PAPP is working on the implementation of the internship opportunities of Al Fakhoora Dynamic Futures Programme alumni.

MA'AN is seeking a qualified consultancy firm to develop a standardized pre internship training toolkit addressing the training objectives, topics, materials, tools, methods, and exercises, with clear guide to trainers on how to manage for effective training activities with the interns. This must consider the lessons learnt from related experiences involving the interns, the academic institutions, the employers, and the career counselors. The standardized training package/ toolkit will be used for the coming rounds of the employability trainings with the following minimum qualifications :

  • Relevant academic qualifications. Master's degree and above is preferred.
  • 5 years of proven experience in conducting similar tasks.
  • Proven expertise in developing training materials on the aforementioned topics through the last 3 years.
  • Expertise in the areas of employability and labor market skills
  • Ability to develop concrete methodology and timeframe for delivering the required consultancy services within the specified duration.

Interested consultant firms should review the full ToR for this consultancy and can get a copy from it from MAAN-Gaza Office  from 13th August 2018 – 16th August  2018 and submit offer in two sealed envelopes; one for the technical offer and another one for the financial offer by 19th August  2018 (before 12:00 pm) at MA’AN Development Center office in Gaza, Palestine (Haidar Abd Al Shafi Square,Al Motaz 2 Building –Ground Floor Next to Blood Bank Building, Tel.: 08-2823712) .

  • The awarded consultant of this offer will be required to pay for the cost of this advertisement.
  • Offers will be assessed first on their technical merit using the evaluation criteria below. Only technical scores of at least 70 points will qualify for the financial review. The financial offer weight is 30% from the total weight while the technical offer is 70% of the total weight.
  • Financial Offer must be in USD , and all costs must include Zero Vat invoice
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