Developing system and certification requirements for Global...


Terms of Reference – Developing system and certification requirements for Global Gap for fresh herbs exporting companies


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Developing system and certification requirements for Global Gap for fresh herbs exporting companies 



The Palestine Trade Centre - PalTrade is a non-profit, membership-based organization with a national mandate to lead the development of exports as a driving force for sustainable economic growth. The centre advocates a competitive, enabling business environment and is dedicated to improving trade competitiveness.  PalTrade provides a wide range of export support services in the areas of export development and market intelligence, export promotion, and export policy and advocacy.


PalTrade has received a grant from the EU to implement a project titled “Creating a Business Enabling Environment for a Green Economy in Palestine” as part of European Union (EU), represented by the European Commission (EC), Support to Civil Society Organizations in Palestine – Economic Development and Local Authorities, To ensure that actions which are funded by the European Union (EU) incorporate information and communication activities designed to raise the awareness of specific or general audiences of the reasons for the action and the EU support for the action in Palestine concerned, as well as the results and the impact of this support , PalTrade will undertake a series of activities to ensure the visibility of the project 

PalTrade has set two specific objectives for this project: 

  • Objective 1: To create a national policy that would foster a green enabling environment for Palestinian economic enterprises;
  • Objective 2: To build up enterprises’ green capacity to penetrate global markets.

As part of the National Policy component, and within activity 1.1.5, Proposing tax and investment incentive packages which encourage the production of green products through environmentally friendly processes; \ PalTrade will hire a consultant / company to support in the development of an ISO system and issuing the certificates.    

Purpose of achieving Global Gap Certificates 

The purpose of this system development and certification issuing tender is to help the project targeting beneficiaries to achieve the Global Gap.

Global GAP certification provides assurance that food has been grown using recognized levels of quality and safety. It also ensures that it has been produced sustainably in a way that respects health, environment, welfare and safety of workers and animals.

The Global gap certification process is to ensure that all aspects of food safety are adhered to elaborate tracking system that guarantees consumers’ health which is the first objective, hence it is well articulated, developed and imperative to have participants well trained on how to establish a proper record keeping system as per the Global gap food safety standard version 5 for Fruits and vegetables. The second objective is to ensure sustainability of the traceability system, which means that the implementer should demonstrate to the farmer the importance of adopting Global gap and set of systems that will guarantee the success of the certification process.

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Application process

Send a cover letter responding to the Terms of Reference that includes a technical proposal including CVs of the working teams, a sample of related previous works, financial proposal and work plan 

Your proposals should be addressed and submitted to Palestine Trade Canter – Al Balou Street, Mall of Palestine Bldg. 5th floor in 2 separated financial and technical sealed envelopes no later than October 28 2019 at 02:00 PM with subject RFQ # PTC-065-10-2019. 

The winner company will bear the cost for the local newspaper ad.

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