Developing an incentive policy system for the MOA legal and...


Promotion of inclusive agricultural growth to ensure improved living standards and resilience of vulnerable communities in Area C of the West Bank

Terms of Reference for “Encouraging Investment in Area C” Policy Paper II


The consultant will be responsible for developing an incentive policy system for the MOA legal and land development departments to enhance responsiveness to increase investment in Area C and provide safety net for farmers in that area. 

Please submit the proposal (separate technical & financial offer) and requested documents by sealed envelopes to the Palestinian Farmers Union Headquarter (al-Bireh, close to the representative office of Netherlands) no later than the 20th of January 2021. *Please note that, if due to restrictions on movement between governorates, you are not able to submit your offer by sealed envelope, please email your technical & financial offer to: [email protected] 

For any questions, feel free to contact Rula Al-Khateeb/the project manager: 0568880046  

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