Develop Procurement Procedures, Forms, and Templates

Develop Procurement Procedures, Forms, and Templates for 23 Targeted Palestinian Municipalities

Background: USAID Communities Thrive Project aims to improve municipal revenue streams and fiscal management of municipalities, increase the accountability and transparency of local governments, enhance delivery and management of the municipal services and the effectiveness of local governments’ operations, and improve the regulatory and policy framework for municipal governance.  

Request for Proposals:

Review related processes and develop detailed procedures related to the procurement function for 23 targeted Municipalities in the West Bank, taking into consideration differences between target Municipalities in terms of size, classification per Ministry of Local Government (MoLG), scope of work, available human resources, scope of procured services and commodities, institutional capacity and applicable rules and regulations.

Firm(s) will be selected under the quality and cost based selection methods and procedures described in the RFP. A full set of RFP documents can be requested by the email shown below. Interested eligible bidders can send queries for further detail or information no later than 12 Noon on April 3rd, 2018.

Consultancy Field

Develop Procurement Procedures, Forms, and Templates for 23 Targeted Palestinian Municipalities

Deadline for submission of clarifications or questions

By April 3rd, 2018 (12 Noon)

[email protected]

Deadline for submission of proposal

April 15th, 2018 (12 Noon)

Proposal Components

The proposal should be delivered in two separate sealed envelopes:

- Technical proposal (2 Copies)
- Financial proposal (1 Copy)

Address for proposal submission  

Communities Thrive Project -

Tetra Tech ARD | USAID Contractor

Second Floor, Building 48, AlTeera Main St., Ramallah

T. 9702-295-2902/22

Interested firms can Request a Copy from RFP by Sending a Request email to

[email protected]

Local firms can partner with other local, regional or international firms if they see they added value.

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