Develop procurement, marketing, and promotional plans in the...




Invitation for price quotation

Develop procurement, marketing, and promotional plans in the Agri-tech sector for 3 Innovative Projects



Date of Publishing: Monday 18/09/2023

Quotation Delivery Date Until: Monday, 25/09/2023 before (2:00 PM)

Rural Women's Development Society (RWDS) in West Bank is implementing the project; FAIR4ALL Trade & Value Chains” funded by OXFAM

Qualified Legal Companies are invited to participate in this competition receiving a FREE certified copy of the RFQ documents by visiting RWDS office any day from Monday to Thursday from 10:00 am to 14:00 pm, at the following address: Palestine, Ramallah, Al-Masyoun, Legislative Roundabout, Sabat Building (next to Wasel Building), second floor. OR by sending an email with the name and number of the quotation to [email protected]


  • Price provided shall be in EURO and VAT included as the project is VAT obligated.
  • RWDS is not obligated to award to the lowest price offer, With the ability to separate the quotation.
  • Technical and financial offers must be submitted separately in sealed signed and stamped envelopes with the required documents to RWDS office in Ramallah.
  • Offers that don’t meet the minimum requirements or received after the deadline will be discarded and not considered in the next steps.
  • Receiving and submitting price offers should be documented on the Bidders log sheet in RWDS Office
  • The advertisement and publishing fees for this quotation request will be deducted from the winning bidder.

For any Question or Clarification, please direct your inquiries only by email to [email protected].


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