Develop business offers interms OF (Pricing, quantities, qua...


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RFQ# PTC-073-10-2019


Develop business offers interms OF (Pricing, quantities, quality and timing, and terms of PAYMENT)

 Palestine Trade CENTER (PalTrade)

PalTrade was established in 1998, as a non-profit development organization, which was mandated as the Palestinian National Trade Promotion Organization.  Recently, PalTrade has evolved into an export development organization with a mission to lead the development and sustainable increase of Palestinian exports as a driving force for sustainable national economic growth; and has been instrumental in leading the way to establish a National Export Strategy. PalTrade provides a wide range of support in the areas of export development and market intelligence, export promotion, and export policy and advocacy.  

 Project overview
Jericho Agro Industrial Park (JAIP) is a FLAGSHIP project of the "Corridor for Peace and Prosperity" initiative which was launched by Japan. In December 2017, the Foreign Minister of the Government of Japan (GoJ) announced the commitment to upgrade of the “Corridor for Peace and Prosperity” initiative. It includes the expansion of the scope of Japanese contribution and extend support to the JAIP tenants 

UNDP in partnership with PIEFZA and JAIPCo’s is executing Construction and Equipping of Two Additional Floors to the JAIP Administration Building in Jericho and empowerment of JAIP business to access and penetrate regional markets (2018-2019) funded by ROJ. The Project aims to support and strengthening the capacities of JAIP Tenants in the area of international trade is one of crucial importance, both for the companies themselves and for Palestinian economy, in view of the current capabilities. And become more competitive exporters, to have the capacity to expand their workforce, to contribute to the development of exports resulting in economic growth and improved standard of living of the Palestinian people.

 PalTrade through UNDP implementing a project “Empowerment of JAIP business to access and penetrate regional markets “The project will strengthen the effectiveness of targeted tenants’ competitive ability in responding to the export development needs and to enable them to prepare for export, through a set of structured activities to serve the purpose of export development. In this regard we are kindly asking for a national expert to develop best business offer for seven targeted companies.

Scope of Work 
Develop the business offer for seven tenants, this will include (Pricing, quantities, quality and timing, and terms of payment) This will include the following:
  • Discount best scenarios 

How to use discount pricing strategies to make more sales. When small businesses are looking to move their sales figures, one of the most common approaches they take is to offer a discount.

  • Export pricing and quotations

The right pricing and the way they provide quotes for goods or services are both crucial for a successful and ongoing export business. This will include issues to consider when quoting including using foreign currencies for example Price changes

  • Terms of payment and Best Credit terms taking into consideration the cost of the time it takes to receive payment at the end of the credit period and build this cost into your price.
  • Options to address exchange rate risk
  • Best offer for the purpose of competing in tenders taking into consideration the Size, weight quantities (all product feature of specific product (
  • All points mentioned above should be linked with quantities, quality and the production capacity.

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General terms and Conditions 
Technical and financial offers should be received by hand in two sealed separated envelopes one for the technical including the RFP documents signed and stamped and on for the financial offer and both  titled with RFP # PTC-73-10-2019 before 02:00 PM Palestine time on Tuesday 5/11/2019 to PalTrade office in Ramallah- Bireh- Mall of Palestine Bldg. 5th floor.
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