Develop An analytical research paper


Terms of Reference

Individual Consulting Services to Develop An analytical research paper on the reasons and motives for the resignation of newly elected women in the Council of Local Governance Unites, in order to influence politics and community leaders at local level

Consultancy Overview

Overall research objectives:

The analytical report, which will be developed through participatory research, will identify the reasons and motives behind the resignation of female members after their election. The report will recommend the reasons behind the resignations, which will be highlighted in discussion sessions with decision makers.

Consultancy’s Assignment

Under the framework of the project, AOWA is seeking to contract with an experienced consultant to conduct an analysis of the reasons that drive female and male members to resign after winning the elections.

The gender analytical study will be built based  on information that will be obtained from one-to-one deep semi structured interviews with the target group (all resigned members women and with some other women members who continuing serving in the LGU councils) The research methodology will be combined between quantitative and qualitative, including relevant literature review. Communicate with the LGUs councils, MOLG and the Central Elections Commission to obtain the necessary information. The field research will focus on the following topics:

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