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PalTrade is a non-profit, membership based organization to “lead the development of Palestinian export as a driving force for sustainable national economic growth”. Over the last 14 years PalTrade, according to its mandate as the National Export Promotion Organization has worked with its membership, the wider export support and national partner network, international donor agencies and the international export support network, to deliver a positive impact on Palestinian export performance.

Project Background

In 2014 The Palestinian Export Council (PEC) was established according to a decision by Palestinian cabinet. The PEC is a formal public-private platform that is composed of 26 members from the public and private sectors and academia, headed by the minister of National Economy and chairman of Palestine Trade Center (PalTrade) as vice president, and supported by the PEC secretariat, which is mandated for and  managed by PalTrade.

One of the primary objectives of the National Export Strategy is to “Build and promote the image of the State of Palestine as a supplier of value-added quality products and services.” Recognizing that perceptions linked to Palestine have, for decades, been driven by external actors, primarily journalists reporting on political conflict throughout the region, and that changing the image of Palestine requires active participation from internal sources, it is clear that a more proactive effort is needed to transform Palestine’s global reputation and that of its export products and services.

The goal of this endeavor is to develop a branding program that accurately and effectively promotes Palestinian exports (goods and services) to key international audiences and ensures outcomes that support the economic needs and agendas of the PEC and all related stakeholders.

There are several manufacturing and service sectors that are contributing significantly to Palestine’s economy, generating meaningful and measurable gains through exports, and are projected to perform even better over the short, medium and long term. These sectors are:

- Agro Processed Meat
- Footwear & Leather
- Fresh Fruits, Vegetables & Herbs
- Furniture
- Information & Communications Technology (ICT)
- Olive Oil
- Stone & Marble
- Textiles & Garments
- Tourism

Recognizing that the greatest opportunity for increased market penetration and sales from global markets will vary from one sector to the next, and that industry dynamics are equally unrelated, it makes sense to develop and roll out branding activities for each sector on an individual basis, staggered over time. By doing so, methodologies and tactics can be tailored to generate the greatest possible impact and budgets better managed, providing time to evaluate the effectiveness of the endeavor before additional investments are made.

To be effective, and recognizing that information must be distributed within Palestine (internal audiences) as well as target export markets (regional and international), a two-pronged communication strategy is recommended. In this regard, the campaign will promote the attitudes, attributes, advantages and business opportunities associated with Palestinian exports (goods and services) to key audiences in both Palestine as well as UAE.  For export markets farther afield, communications will be culturally aligned to suit each country on a case by case basis, including sector specific information that has been tailored to align with the needs and interests of business audiences in those markets.

Witnessing the strength of offerings from Palestine’s agricultural community, especially added-value products including Medjool dates, Dead Sea Salt, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Fresh Herbs, along with the rich and varied storytelling opportunities that can be extracted, the branding program in Year 1 will focus upon the growing regions and producers involved with these and related agricultural products. Recognizing that culinary tourism is becoming a more eagerly pursued endeavor, and based on feasibility, it can be embraced to provide even more occasions for exposure within this sector.

Having found that Palestinian specialty products have been well received in markets within the UAE, and a large number of operators from many other sectors are also finding favorable responses for their goods and services from within this country, it makes sense to target the UAE for the pilot program in Year 1. It must be remembered, however, that most countries have markets that are far too numerous to approach all at once. This being said, the pilot program will include evaluation of UAE markets on a city by city basis to ensure suitability, cost effectiveness and reasonable expectations for meaningful outcomes.

There is an overall lack of understanding throughout the world about Palestine and a reluctance to embrace Palestinian exports (goods and services). While export activity is having a favorable impact across all sectors, taking steps to improve the reputation of Palestinian exports (goods and services) will help create additional opportunity.

Within this project, PalTrade is seeking a Design Studio with immediate availability for the up-mentioned assignment.

Objective and Expected Results:

Business Objectives

When it comes to the business objectives for Palestinian exports, the goals are described in purely quantitative terms, on a sector by sector basis, as follows:

Primary Objective

-  Increase annual export volumes for each sector.
Secondary Objectives
-  Increase the number of individual markets in which Palestinian products appear.
-  Increase the number of business relationships between Palestinian producers and international buyers.

Marketing Objectives

The reputation (brand) of Palestinian exports (goods and services) throughout the world is based upon outdated information, misconceptions, misrepresentations, and limited access, all of which conspire to discourage or prevent meaningful business relationships and export activity. Seeking to create more accurate and favorable impressions with existing and prospective export audiences on a sector by sector basis, the marketing objectives for this initiative are:

Primary Objectives

-  Identify and position goods and services made in Palestine as desirable.
-  Create interest that leads to first time trial of goods and services made in Palestine.
Secondary Objective
-  Create accurate and positive associations about Palestine and Palestinian enterprise.

Scope of work

The overriding objective of the Design Studio is to develop a wordmark and sector icons, a brand theme and a brand manual that communicates undeniable credibility and resonates effectively on an international stage. In order to ensure the greatest possible outcomes, and without exception, a high level of creativity and cultural awareness is required.

In order for this branding plan to succeed, it will be essential to deliver informative and persuasive messages to internal audiences (Palestinians living and working in Palestine), external audiences (international trade audiences in target markets), and the media (business and consumer press) in a manner that is relevant and engaging to all targeted audience.

While building awareness and creating an understanding of Palestinian produced goods and services, especially those that represent value in global markets, is essential, this endeavor must also eliminate, or at least minimize, the negative, misinformed, and pre-conceived notions that currently describe Palestine to individuals around the world.

Key Audiences

International Trade

Making contact with, and influencing perceptions and opinions about Palestine and Palestinian industry with trade representatives and buyers is an essential objective.

General Public

This audience, in effect, is the general population of Palestine (as well as the diaspora living in neighboring countries throughout the Middle East). While these individuals may not participate in export development, everything will be a reflection of their everyday lives. Accordingly, it is essential for this audience to be made aware, and embrace, the content that is being distributed.


Since changing public (domestic and international) perceptions of Palestine, particularly its goods and services, is our primary marketing agenda, communicating with the media is essential. Of course, the stories that are told will focus on the accomplishments of Palestinian industry on a sector by sector basis, distributed to both general and trade channels, and position Palestine as a place where productivity is impressive and life is enjoyable on a daily basis.

Expected Level of Effort (LOE)

Creative Approach:

  • Identify the State of Palestine and its priority export sectors in a manner that:
  • Communicates undeniable credibility.
  • Embraces brand attributes.
  • Avoids confusion with other destination trademarks.
  • Is perceived as equal or superior to other country trademarks.
  • Creates impressions that are delightful, impactful, distinctive, memorable, stimulate the senses, provoke curiosity, cut through the clutter, and compel further investigation.

The preliminary concepts for the wordmark and sector icons achieve the goals outlined above and have been approved for further development. Using these concepts as a foundation, and based on the details, insights and recommendations provided in the Branding plan document, the goal is to improve upon the overall impact of these visual devices.

Final deliverables will include:

Concept Development

Wordmark - no less than 3 variations on this design, exploring refinements to the illustration, various color schemes, and modifications to the typography .

Sector Icons - visual configurations that align, and work in tandem, with each of the concepts developed for the wordmark.

Preparation of Graphic Standards and Final Art

Once a final configuration of the Wordmark and Sector Icons has been approved, comprehensive Graphic Standards (document) and Final Art (files) will be prepared. This will include:

  • final files prepared as vector - ai, eps, pdf and pixel - jpg, png, gif
  • Graphic Standards document provides comprehensive guidelines for use of Wordmark and
  • Sector Icons

Preparation of a Brand Manual

Once a final configuration of the Wordmark and Sector Icons has been approved, comprehensive Brand Manual will be prepared. This will include:

  • Graphic Standards document based on the Brand Manual Specifications to be provided by PalTrade.
  • The designs for a suite of business stationary including business cards, letterhead, envelope and other essential stationary items based on the approved Wordmark and Sector icons.
  • The Design for branded garments featuring wordmark in a manner that identifies the wearer as affiliated with Palestinian exports. This could include branded shirts, hats, neck ties, dresses, skirts and other such clothing as deemed necessary.


  • Wordmark and Sector Icons can be used together or separately, as needed
  • Wordmark and Sector Icons are perceived as part of a family (i.e. Olympic sport icons)
  • Design must be flexible, suitable for very large and very small applications and compatible with a variety of digital environments (vector - ai, eps and pixel - jpg, png, gif)

GENERAL Terms and Conditions

Some of the essential qualifications and credentials:

-  Demonstrate significant experience creating globally relevant trademarks and logos.

-  Demonstrate unparalleled project management practices, facilitating seamless and efficient communication between design studio and client.

-  Must have a portfolio illustrating world-class creative capabilities that includes:

Trademarks and Logos

Corporate Stationery

Brochures and Literature

Graphic Standards Manuals

-  Provide at least 5 client references, where trademark and logo design were part of your engagement.

All shortlisted companies will be asked to demonstrate the ability to prepare the Brand Manual based on Brand Manual specifications provided by PalTrade and must provide PalTrade with any necessary documents proving the preparation of manuals with similar specifications in the past.


The assignment is expected to commence on April 16, 2018, and completed on May 31, 2018. Companies who possess all the above requirements are encouraged to submit the following requirements to this email [email protected] no later than 15th of April before 12:00 PM Jerusalem time

Offers should include:

  • Technical offers should include the following:
  • The Company’s experience of carrying out similar projects in other countries, please include all projects carried out and the scope of each project.
  • The company experience in placing promotional materials on large scale international media networks (such as established and recognized TV and radio stations worldwide).
  • The number of in-house staff within the company that would be working on this task.
  • CVs for experts and  should clearly reflect the following :
    1. A minimum of one letter of reference.
    2. Years of experience working in a creative agency.
    3. Years of experience in branding
    4. Years of experience in marketing
    5. Listing professional accreditations and affiliations for the individual.
  • Provide samples of creative designs and branding images
  • Please describe how you plan to keep PalTrade and other stakeholders involved and informed along the process.
  • Your company profile

In your financial offer, you should include the following:

  • Your financial offer in USD Include VAT and include clear working of days expected for this assignment

The evaluation criteria is the following:

No Pre- Evaluation Criteria Max (points)

Technical criteria  70%

Financial offers  30%

Total 100%


  • The Technical Proposal and financial offer MUST be submitted in two separated envelopes titled with RFQ # PTC-031-04-2018 before 12:00 Jerusalem time on Tuesday, April 15, 2018 for local companies.
  • Price quotations and technical proposal should be received by stamped envelopes

General terms

Interested Consultancy firm are requested to adhere to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Interested Consultancy firm should be registered in official bodies either local or international, a copy of the registration should be submitted along with the price offer.

Validity of offers

The quotations should remain valid for a period no less than 30 days after the deadline date specified for submission. The prices quoted should remain fixed for the duration of the contract and should not be subject to adjustment on any account, unless to offer a deduction to the rates, or due to changes in the Scope of work approved by PalTrade.


Prices should be submitted in US dollars only. The price offer should include the total price for the requested services including VAT

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