Design and website development – Caritas Jerusalem Website 



Design and website development – Caritas Jerusalem Website 


Caritas Jerusalem is a humanitarian and development organization that represents the socio-pastoral services of the Catholic Church in the Holy Land. It was founded in 1967 in the aftermath of the Six Day War. Caritas Jerusalem is a member of Caritas Internationals, a confederation of 165 Caritas organizations operating in more than 165 countries.


Caritas Jerusalem is inviting proposals from reputable and qualified companies with a track record of success in designing and producing digital solutions to develop new templates for the current website. The templates will provide a new look-and-feel to the web and will unlock the potential functionalities of the current software while displaying the content in a more organized, attractive and user-friendly manner. 


Timing and duration of the assignment 

The duration of the contract will be six months and the expected starting date of 1st November 2020.
The development of the website will be ready in two-months’ time starting from the date of signing the contract. 

The user manual, webinar and the maintenance of the new webpages will be done from the third month of the contract. 

Briefing/debriefing arrangements 

A first meeting/conference call will be scheduled for the Caritas Jerusalem team to brief the firm on the background information to develop each of the requested deliverables. 

Reporting relationships and identification of responsibility for assessment of the services/outputs 

The company will work in close consultation and under the supervision of the Communications Officer. They will follow up the design process answering questions related to the documents. 

The Communications Officer will assess the services and outputs of the firm. 

Support provided 

Caritas Jerusalem will grant access to the current CJ website code and content including Word Press administration console, all documents and pages, plugins, themes and additional files. 


The Caritas Jerusalem website presents a new visual look and its functionalities are enhanced to provide a better experience to users. 

New sections are developed and integrated in the Caritas Jerusalem site. 

Develop a user manual and deliver a webinar for the support staff and system administrators to perform content upload, system maintenance and administration. 

Support and maintenance: Administrative and technical support, quality control for a period of 6 months. 

Source code handover: Full source code including all developed libraries shall be handed over to Caritas Jerusalem. 

Deliverables clause 

Once a company is selected, the contract may be amended with a time and materials to capture new specific developments on the site upon request of Caritas Jerusalem. 


Following the CJ branding guidelines, design a new look-and-feel for the CJ site capturing the different functionalities outlined in this TOR. The company will develop a graphic concept and the visual language of the new templates. 

Ensure a consistent visual language on the new site by introducing fixed styles in templates ensuring consistency in fonts, formatting, icons, images, layout techniques. 

The new look and feel should be adapted to homepage, sections, subsections and the following components of the site: article template, fundraising webpage template, publications webpage template, story webpage template, event webpage template. 

Standard page elements including header, footer, tabs, persistent navigation, contact us, donation button, donation link, email and pageprint options should be included in the new templates. 

Donations button and donations link which will be set up in coordination with the financial department providing the bank transfer details for the direct donations link and button on the website. As Caritas Jerusalem requires having both options.

A fundraising section with the ability to upload all forms of data onto the section.

The new templates should guarantee that most recent content on the site is captured in automatically in the homepage in an organized way following specific categories, tags or other custom taxonomies. 

All section and subsection webpages should incorporate functionalities to guarantee the latest information on that section and sub-section is displayed (news, resources, publication, stories, events). 

The services required and activities will include: 

  1. Web site development: 

The main activities will include: 

1.1. Secure the existing site during the transition to the new platform; preservation of all current website content and functionality and most importantly the name:

1.2. Incrementally migrate the web site to a standard CMS (e.g. Wordpress, Drupal or Joomla) and implement new features that add value.
1.3. Use simple, cost-effective techniques to test designs with representative users before implementation of major features such as restructuring the main navigation menu. 

1.4. Optimize the site for low bandwidth users.
1.5. Under the current section “our work” each department will have their own subsection in which video and image and document uploads will be available. Ex. Health and emergencies department will have the ability to upload data on all projects. We will also be adding and adjusting these departments. (To include secretary general, communications, and others).

Ex. Communications section will be able to upload data and links to Facebook publications.
1.6. Implement a basic “blog” function with integrated twitter and facebook posting (Caritas Jerusalem current has active LinkedIn and Facebook pages; website should facilitate streaming of information between these different platforms).
1.7. Browser compatibility. The site must be compatible with the current versions of the
following browsers (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Chrome), as well as Internet
Explorer version 6 onwards. Easy access to website page and availability on computer and phone.
1.8 uploading newsletters, annual reports to the publications section.
1.9 visual media content upload, videos uploading possibility.
1.10 Add a comprehensive search functionality to the web site 

Additional tasks would include: upgrade the rich text editor control used in the web site backend to the latest version (CKEditor); improve search options on the web site and databases; and others. 

1.11 under “contact us” we will require uploading an online form for reporting complaints, we have a pre-composed form which we want to be accessible from Caritas Jerusalem website. The form also includes terms (ex. Code of conduct... etc) which will be hyphenated, and the users will be able to click on them and the code of conduct document will show.

1.12 all data on the website will be available in Arabic and English as the website should include a translation option provided by the firm.

1.13 the firm will include both a donations button (Support us) and a donations link.

The “about us section” will include the vision and mission, the contact us will include an up-loadable online form and our work will include all new sections for all departments, each having a subsection of its own, able to upload all types and form of data.

1.14 the ability to delete any previously uploaded data.

1.15 publications section to include the ability to upload newsletters and annual reports.

1.16 the ability to upload vacancy posts easily.

The current sections and sub-sections of the site should be adapted using the new templates. These sections include around 1,000 blog posts and pages. 

Adapt the database of the Caritas Jerusalem site to include new categories to display the information in an organic way. 

Any future requisites on behalf of Caritas Jerusalem that are related to the website development and or are related to the sections, adding or adjusting, the overall design, the location of each section is all included.

  1. Web site hosting: 

2.1 increase the website space requirement significantly over the coming years.
2.2 The web site should be moved to a new server.
2.3 The server should support the technologies used which currently includes PHP, MySQL. 

  1. Web site maintenance: 

3.1 Web site content updates: the contracted web development company will assist
with content update when the changes that have to be made are not possible from the CMS
user interface. It should be endeavoured that as much changes as possible be made from the CMS user interface, including the website’s current functionality to add/customize and operate online voting modules etc.
3.2 The contracted web development company will maintain full backup of the web site
through the duration of the contract. The backup, code and source files will be delivered in full
to client on closing of the contract.
3.3 The contracted web development company will have an automated testing system that
checks for broken hyperlinks on the site. 

3.4 The contracted web development company will follow the terms of the standard SLA provided in the proposal.
3.5 The contracted web development company will verify regularly that the site is up and running, and will revert to the back up whenever necessary. 

3.6 The contracted web development company will give guidance on using the admin interface of the CMS.
3.7 Monitor the server logs to see most popular pages and downloads and generate regular reports. 

  1. Web site maintenance policy: 

4.1 Maintenance does not include web site redesign or development.
4.2 Documents and graphics, such as logos and images, will be provided by Caritas Jerusalem.
4.3 This contract offers a service level agreement (SLA) with guaranteed server uptime
and response time to queries. The company should have an automated issue management ticket system for customer requests and allow clients to access tickets via the web at any time, including the correspondence log.
4.4 The SLA will include financial penalty clauses should the company break the terms of
the agreement. 

  1. Search Engine Optimization and site analysis 

5.1 The contracted web development company will ensure the search engine optimization. The SEO work will include: 

Keyword research & analysis - Site analysis - Competitive analysis - Site content optimization
HTML code optimization - Search Engine submission (free search engines) Link exchange - Web ranking report. 

5.2 Theecontracted company will provide an annual and detailed reports analyzing the progress, trends and areas to be improved. The reports should also include comprehensive and cumulative figures for downloads; as well as a competitor analysis. 

  1. Specific responsibilities during the transition phase: 

There will be a transition phase of 2-3 months during which the current maintenance company and the new company will be working in tandem. During that period, the newly contracted web development company will be responsible for:
6.1 Getting familiar with the code, structure and functionality of the web site. 

6.2 Work with Caritas Jerusalem to suggest any high-priority technical tasks for the current web development company during the transition period to ensure a smooth hand-over. 6.3 Migrating and setting-up and running the web site. 


Based on the agreed templates, develop new web sub-sections to the CJ site based on, but not limited to the structure, functionalities and features defined in these terms of reference. 

The new subsections webpages should incorporate functionalities to guarantee the latest information on that sub-section is displayed (news and events, fundraising, publication, stories) with the possibility of adding and or adjusting.

A total of 1,000 number of new pages and posts will be developed using the new templates. 


The following features will be guaranteed through the new templates outlined in the section 1 &2: Add feed links; Responsive design;
Social sharing features – including twitter share by text selection and twitter feed by handle and hashtag. Multiple page styles and custom post types;
Language options feature in all templates;
Search function by news, type of publication, type of resource, events,story and issue; Search resources by free text;
Interactive map;
Signup for Caritas Jerusalem newsletter;
Link the site with other platforms such as Caritas Jerusalem microsites (Facebook, blog); Password protected pages. 


Develop a user manual and deliver a webinar for the support staff and system administrators to perform content upload, system maintenance and administration. 


Support and maintenance: Administrative and technical support, quality control for a period of 6 months; 


Full source code including all developed libraries shall be handed over to Caritas Jerusalem. 


The successful company will participate in a debriefing session with the KIT and other programme areas to understand the overall project and expectations. 

Base on the debriefing session and this TOR, the company will develop a design concept for the site. The vendor will share a maximum of three proposals with the CJ team. The company will adjust concept based on feedback and comments from the CJ team. 

The vendor will develop the visual concept and language for the site adapting it to the different components outlined in the section “deliverables” and adjusting it based on feedback and comments from the CJ team. 

To create responsive CSS and graphic design elements and to integrate or adapt existing CSS and graphic design and make it responsive. 

Development of web sections and content upload. Integration and final approval by CJ.
Test site before going live. 


Vendor should demonstrate and provide examples of previous experience in the performance of similar services as follows: 

Be a reputable firm with prior experience designing visually appealing and navigationfriendly web sites; 

Familiarity and relevant experience in using different Content Management Systems (CMS), particularly WordPress; 

Have a broad knowledge of current web development technologies and design tools in the field, and new software and other web programming languages and programs including use of HTML, XHTML, CSS, XML, XSLT, Macromedia Flash, Java; 

Have excellent knowledge of recent trends in graphic design, web sites, including online video publishing, and social media networking; 

Demonstrate the ability to create innovative and visually appealing design; 

Key professional staff qualifications and competence needed for the assignment: 

Lead developer: The lead developer is responsible for the overall development process and assures that all code contributed is in line with coding standards. The lead developer has extensive experience in programming and CMS development, including versioning of which at least two years are specific to Word Press CMS. 

The lead developer is an expert in the below scripting and coding languages and standards: PHP, AJAX, Java Script, HTML (including version 5), CSS (including version 3). 

The lead developer is an expert in the use and configuration of the below applications: Word Press CMS, MySQL Database, Apache web server, Experience with other related applications is an advantage. 

The lead developer is an expert in the use and configuration of the below products and techniques: Search engine optimization, Google Webmaster tools, Google developer tools, Mobile device adaptation. 

Junior developer: The junior developer supports the lead developer with the overall development process. The junior developer has at least two years of work experience in programming and CMS development, of which at least one year is specific to Word Press CMS. 

Graphic designer: The vendor will have a team of graphic designers with prior experience on designing websites with a solid portfolio of at least 3 years of experience.

Graphical integrator: The graphical integrator supports the development team with the integration of graphic design and CSS elements. The graphical integrator has at least four years of experience with the CMS integration of responsive CSS and graphic design of which at least one year is specific to Word Press CMS. The graphical integrator is an expert in the below scripting and coding languages and standards: HTML (including version 5), CSS (including version 3), PHP, Java Script (including JQuery). 

Junior migration expert: The junior migration expert supports the development team with the execution of manual and/or automated content migration. The junior migration expert works to assure the correct redirection of webpages after migration. The junior migration expert has at least two year of work experience in CMS publishing and configuration of which at least six months are specific to Word Press CMS. The junior migration expert has an eye for detail and a basic understanding of content development. The junior migration expert has the capacity to write and read fluently in English. The junior migration expert has experience with the below applications, scripting and coding languages and standards are also an advantage: PHP, Java Script (including JQuery), HTML, CSS, MySQL Database. 


If you have the required qualifications and are interested in this contract, please submit: A proposal describing the previous work done in this area; 

A portfolio of previous work of webs with similar functionalities developed in Word Press; 

CVs of the lead developer, junior developer, graphical integrator, graphic designer and junior migration expert in charge of this project to be included in the proposal; A financial proposal to address the work. 

The lump-sum fee which you propose for the consultancy should indicate the breakdown of all costs. This fee should be inclusive of ALL considerations. 

Each of the submissions should be made in two separate envelopes or attachments (if submitted via email) for technical offer and financial offer (indicating; DO NOT OPEN IN ADVANCE). Offers that are not submitted separately will be deemed as disqualified and will not be assessed further. 


The firm must abide and consent to Caritas Jerusalem’s vendor contract and safeguarding policy and code of conduct.


Submissions will be evaluated in consideration of the following evaluation criteria: Evaluation Criteria – total 100 points 

The work presented throught the firm portfolio will be evaluated to assess the quality of the company’s work [30 points]; 

Experience and qualifications of the team proposed to deliver the work by the company. This part of the evaluation will be based in the CVs of the individuals comprising the team that need to be share by the firm in their proposal [20 points]; 

Experience in developing sites in Word Press CMS [30 points]; 

Timeline to deliver the objectives of the assignment based on the deadlines provided in this document [10]; 

Experience working in the development sector producing high quality outputs [10 points]; 

In order to qualify for further consideration, the company must accomplish a minimum score of 70 percent in the technical offer. The financial offer will account for a maximum of 30 points. 

The deadline for submissions is 1st November 2020, Caritas Jerusalem is managing the contract. Any questions should be sent to: [email protected]

Please submit proposals to [email protected] with the subject line: Design and website development – Caritas Jerusalem Website and cc: [email protected]

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