Customs Clearance, Road Transportation, Container Terminal &...


Request for Proposal for Services


LONG TERM ARRANGMENT (LTA) for Customs Clearance, Road Transportation, Container Terminal & Warehousing Services for UNICEF Supplies

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in the State of Palestine, wishes to invite potential companies to enter into a long team arrangement for provision of:

- Customs Clearance Services
- Road Transportation from Ports of entry to the West Bank and Gaza Cities.
- Container Terminal in Ashdod and Warehousing Services.

As stated in the terms and conditions of the LRPS and the detailed Terms of Reference (TOR) (Annex B and Sub Annexes 1-4 to the LRPS)

Firms with relevant experience interested in offering their services are kindly invited to visit UNGM website to review the Request for Proposal LRPS-2020-9155427 and the terms of reference (ToR) at:

And shall submit complete technical and financial proposals, together with the complete supplier’s profile form, to the attention of the BID SECTION at: 

UNICEF Office, Beit Hanina , Jerusalem or by email to [email protected]

 By the closing date of 13th February 2020.

Related Files: LRPS-2020-9155427 & Annexes A…es 1-4.pdf

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