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Call for Request for Proposal

Curriculum Development and ToT Provision

Life and Employability Skills


  • Background:

Mercy Corps – Gaza Sky Geeks and Save Youth Future Society (SYFS) will implement life skills initiative to equip young people with a range of skills that will help them stay in school and acquire the education, professional skills, employment readiness, and confidence they need to succeed in life and in the workplace.

  • Service Objective:

Under this service, Mercy Corps is looking for contracting a qualified service provider(s) to develop a Life and Employability Skills Curriculum to deliver in a TOT program for mentors and coaches to become certified trainers to deliver the training for various your groups.

  • Submissions:

Submissions should include:

  1. A brief introduction which emphasizes the relevant experience and qualifications of the Firm and / or Individual Curriculum Consultant in the consultancy proposed scope
  2. An outline of the proposed activities and approach that will be implemented in meeting the requirements of the SOW, with a description of the training process to be used, including the use of any existing or published curricula as references.
  3. A list of similar / related work done in the fields of Training in Construction sector.
  4. A proposed schedule, showing the completion of this contract within two calendar months.
  5. A detailed financial breakdown and a summary budget as per requested in the RFP.

RFPs can be collected starting from today 12 Mar 2019 from Mercy Corps Gaza office according to below address, from the Procurement Department. Working hours (9:00 AM – 3:00 PM) Sunday to Thursday.

  • Proposal Submission

Deadline for submitting proposals in a sealed envelope or through email, by Tuesday 19 Mar 2019 before 03:00 PM, to the following addresses:

Address: Mercy Corps, Al Motaz Building # 3, Al Sena’a Junction, Gaza office # 08-2826331

Email Address: [email protected]

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