Consulting Services: Capacity Building in Hotel Management a...


Request For Proposal (RFP)

Consulting Services: Capacity Building in Hotel Management and Hospitality

“Supporting Al Quds as a tourism destination”, is an initiative implemented by Jerusalem Tourism Cluster (JTC) aiming at making Al Quds as a destination to local and international visitors and enhancing the economic viability of its residences, and in cooperation with the Arab hotel association they intended to implement a capacity building for Jerusalem hotels.

  • Through UNDP`s Community Resilience and Development Programme for Area C and East Jerusalem (CRDP), and in collaboration with Arab Hotel Association, JTC invites qualitied individuals and firms to submit technical and financial proposals for conducting trainings programs, targeting hotel managers and staff in East Jerusalem, in the following subjects: -
  • Workshop 1: Food safety and storage
  • Workshop 2: Revenue management – revenue centers vs cost centers
  • Workshop 3: kitchen management and food costing
  • Workshop 4: Maintenance + Hotel safety issues
  • Workshop 5: Social media marketing (such as Canvas, Pixels, short videos)

Tender documents containing scope of work and conditions can be obtained by sending an email to: [email protected], no later than 25th February 2019.

Last date for submission is Saturday the 2 March 2019.

JTC & AHA has the right to accept to reject any or all tender(s) without assigning any reason.  

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موعد الإنتهاء 25, Feb, 2019
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