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“Capacity Building and Training”

TERMS OF REFERENCE (ToR) for Business Training


Name of project: Economic Empowerment for Women in the Bethlehem and North of Hebron areas

Implementing agency and partner(s): Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) for Development in Bethlehem;  in partnership with Christian Aid; Bread for the World BFTW  

Project duration: 1st January 2018 - 31st December 2020

Project Strategic objective:

Marginalized women in Bethlehem and Hebron rural areas and refugee camps have a better access to resources and generate income to improve their living conditions.

Specific Objectives:

- Women producers in Bethlehem/Hebron rural areas and refugee camps have increased their income through an improved business performance.

- Women producers in Bethlehem/Hebron rural areas and refugee camps have lobbied decision and policy makers for the implementation of the “Cooperative Sector Strategy 2017-2022”.

The YWCA of Bethlehem is interested in hiring qualified trainers to design and deliver business

skills training for 35- 50 women producers (from 10 producer groups). The target beneficiaries are

members in women cooperatives or charitable associations that run income generating projects

and women non formal producer groups.


The business skills training should equip targeted beneficiaries with business management, marketing, and financial skills needed to run their businesses. Two training courses will run for twelve days each and will be delivered to two groups in parallel.

Each business training course will comprise of twelve days of training and will target 17- 25 trainees. The training should cover the following topics in a simple, innovative, and easy to apply approach:

1-       Trainings in entrepreneurship skills, aiming to provide women with an overview of what being an entrepreneur is, how to develop a business idea and draft a business plan, as well as develop their business and interpersonal skills.

2-       Tax regulations and how to register your business.;

3-       Technical trainings in production (Production Planning and Control): aiming to provide women with all the technical and practical knowledge necessary to start an economic activity in a specific sector.

4-       Trainings in business management and marketing, aiming to increase women’s capacities in accounting, business planning, costing and pricing analysis, bookkeeping as well as marketing and packaging of final products; in addition to using social media as a tool for marketing.


All training courses will be held mainly at the premises of Bethlehem YWCA in Beit Jala and in the project target locations, specifically: Bethlehem: Al Walajeh, Battir, Dar Salah, Al Duheisheh, Wadi Fukin, Beit Jala and Beit Iskaria. In Hebron: Beit Ummar, Surif and Al Shyookh.

The two training courses need to be delivered in November and December 2018.  Training time will be scheduled according to the needs of the targeted beneficiaries. Specifically, the training scheduling should be gender-sensitive (in terms of timing, location, duration, etc.) This could mean organizing the training during morning and/or evening hours.  


35- 50 Trainees representing 10 producer groups, charitable associations and cooperatives will participate in the training.  The beneficiaries will be divided in two groups of trainees 17- 25 each depending on the training schedule and needs of the project’s implementation.


The training methodology is expected to be based largely on practical training tools which are underpinned by brief theoretical sessions.

Interested expert trainer/s responsibilities are:

§  Participate in preparatory meetings with the project team and beneficiaries.

§  Prepare detailed training outline using the attached format  

§  Ensure that the training plan offers plenty of opportunities for the targeted trainees to put the acquired knowledge and skills from the training into practice.

§  Prepare and share training materials including exercise and case studies with YWCA for review. It’s worth noting that the training materials should be developed to suit the level of knowledge, skills and experiences of women producers the YWCA is targeting.

§  Submit the training material in hard copy and in soft copy in MS Office format well in advance (per set deadlines) before the scheduled start of the training.

§  Develop pre and post training assessments (tests to assess level of knowledge and knowledge and skills acquired during training).

§  Amend the training materials per feedback from the project team and/or trainees upon completion of the training (if available).

§  Provide a detailed report on the training including: training methodology and approaches, observations, achievements and obstacles, lessons learned and recommendations.



- Masters degree in management, Entrepreneurship, Marketing and/or other related fields, with five years hands-on experience in  business development, start-up coaching, and management training;

- Demonstrated practical experience and technical expertise in business development, marketing, start-up coaching, details of such experience need to be clearly stated in the trainer’s resume.

- Strong communication and interpersonal skills working with vulnerable groups especially young women with low levels of educational attainment.


Interested individuals and organizations are requested to read the Terms of Reference carefully and completely abide by its instructions; whereas any applicant that does not comply with the set instructions shall be excluded.

Bidders are expected to agree and provide the following:

·         A separate technical proposals shall be submitted which stipulates a brief description of the methodology that consultant/s intend to adopt (maximum 2 pages);

·         A training plan (using format provided in the attached application)

·          Submit the applicant’s resume including the relevant and most important experiences of delivering similar trainings. The resume shall reflect the most important and relevant trainings delivered by the individual/organization, and the beneficiaries of these trainings.

·         Abide by copy rights codes and ensure zero tolerance for plagiarism. Provide a list of used references in developing the training material.

·         A financial offer, including transportation costs, cost of inputs..etc.;

·         The price shall include the trainer’s transportation and the provision of the training material in hard copy format to the trainees.

·         Provide comprehensive training material including exercises, case studies and power point presentation of the training material. The YWCA of Bethlehem shall have property rights over the training material, thus has the right to use it in other trainings, print it, and/or distribute as needed.

·         The financial offer shall be in USD excluding VAT.

·         Provide valid Deduction at Source Certificate in addition to Zero VAT invoice (in case the applicant is a company).


Submitted Proposals will be reviewed by the YWCA of Bethlehem team  and evaluated against the following criteria:

Technical Offer (70%):

a.     Proposed methodology& approach

b.    Comprehensiveness and effectiveness of training plan

c.     Trainer/s experience in subject matter

Financial Offer (30%):

a.     Appropriateness of financial offer in relation to budget

Contracting will be concluded 3 days after the awarding of the tender.


The payments will be as follows:

-       100% upon satisfactory completion of the assignment including deliverables and presentation of a zero VAT invoice in the case of registered companies. 10% income tax will be deducted from individual consultants.

The Consultant is to submit the invoice for payment to YWCA of Bethlehem no later than 14                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                days after completion of the assignment

The document should be submitted to YWCA of Bethlehem to the email of [email protected]

Deadline: midnight Sunday 4th of November 2018

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