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February 8, 2020

In the frame of: “Gaza SAFE: Health, Water, Training and Emergency Preparedness. Strengthen the emergency preparedness and emergency response mechanisms in the Gaza Strip by improving access to emergency health - AID11620/WWGVC/SDG/4”, implemented by WeWorld-GVC. WeWorld-GVC would like to invite you to submit your quotation for providing services of Developing a case study on the impact of the conditions of WASH services offered in the Al-Shifa hospital according to the below Terms of References- TOR (ANNEX A). Please note the following:

1- The invitation is for sealed offers from eligible and highly qualified national consultants firms or individuals (hereafter incumbent) who have experience in leading and coordinating field-based research with human subjects and who are located in Gaza Strip.


3- Location : The required services will be performed in Al Shifa hospital, Gaza, Gaza Strip. Given that, the consultant is fully responsible for all required procedures and costs to perform the required services and any other costs that might require for completion of services in accordance to the TOR.​​​​​​​

4- The consultant must submit within the offer the attached (ANNEX B) duly signed, stamped and dated.​​​​​​​

5- The evaluation of the received offers will be done as per the principles listed in the TOR.​​​​​​​

6- Submittals: The companies have to submit one (1) copy of the following documents:

- Technical offer

- CV 's for the key experts and staff

- Company profile (in case of company)

- Previous experience

- Company’s Official Registration and classification papers

- VAT Deduction Certificate in case of a company/firm or a deduction at source certificate in case of individual consultant

- The financial proposal: it shall be filled and printed in full including this consultancy ToR, every paper shall be signed and stamped. In case of a company, price should be in Euro excluding VAT and in case of individual consultant, price should be in Euro including tax as per TOR below


7- Offers must be submitted as below table:-

If you are interested, please download full RFP: RFQ_Consultant Case Study.pdf

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