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Request for Proposal – call for consultancy
RFP# 548-1/10-2018
(Dead Sea Pearls)



1.1 Palestinian federation of industries (PFI)

The Palestinian Federation of Industries (PFI) is the national institution represents the Palestinian industrial sector through its federated associations. Founded in 1999 as a permanent private sector organization, PFI facilitates industrial development as the basis for economic performance. PFI’s representational role is to educate, advocate, and communicate the value of a developed, socially responsible and globally competitive industry, in addition to develop industrial effective policies that serve the industrial interests and contribute in the national economy improvement.

The industrial sectors represented in PFI: food industries, stone and marble, construction, metal and engineering, chemical, pharmaceutical, wood and furniture, leather, traditional and craft, paper, plastic, textile, Renewable energy industries, and the aluminum industry.

1.2 Project Background

PFI, PalTrade, and PSC are partnering to implement the project titled “Creating a Competitive Edge of the Palestinian MSMEs in the Local and Potential Export Markets” in West Bank and Gaza. The Project aims to increase the capacity of MSMEs by targeting selected priority sectors/products to increase their market share locally and internationally and will focus on improving the competitiveness of a selected number of companies.

1.3 Project profile


ISO 22716 is one of the pillars of the New European Regulation for Cosmetics, which is describing the Cosmetics Good Manufacturing Practices. It has been written in collaboration with cosmetics industry professionals and promotes best-in-class methods.

The scope of is not only limited to production activities but also includes control, storage and expedition.

All cosmetics products circulating onto the European Market will have to be produced according to the ISO22716, which are a set of hands-on advice, operational rules and organizational guidelines especially focused on human, technical and administrative factors affecting product quality.

The diagnosis for the one chemical sector SME, (Dead Sea Pearls), found that no SME was holding the ISO 22,716 quality standards certification / GMP FOR Cosmetics. Consequently, there was the general recommendation that the SME would benefit from the introduction of GMP certification; in part so as to increase their export potential through making sure that their respective production / processing met with international standards. The objective being for the SME to increase sales, raise product processing and quality standards and the general awareness that certification would bring to the SME.


This Activity will be executed at Dead Sea Pearls premises in accordance with the diagnostic report.


  • The general objective of the activity is to ready Dead Sea Pearls for (ISO 22716);


  • To undertake a gap analysis of Dead Sea Pearls with respect to the requirements of the standard.
  • To create awareness about the requirements of the standard.
  • To assist and coach Dead Sea Pearls in implementing the QMS.
  • To verify Dead Sea Pearls readiness for certification.


  • A diagnostic on QM, including gaps w.r.t. the GMP standard.
  • A Quality Manager and general management informed and trained, ready to direct the processes to certification.
  • The internal auditors trained.
  • A QMS complete and adapted to the SME, in conformity with the specifications of the GMP standard.
  • Dead Sea Pearls ready to pass the certification audit.


  • Evaluate Dead Sea Pearls starting position w.r.t. the GMP
  • Identify the gaps w.r.t. the GMP and other non-conformities,
  • Cover the existing documentation and the conditions of the systems; products.
  • Define an action plan in agreement with  Dead Sea Pearls management;
  • Create awareness as well as all employees in quality, in accordance to the standard; from the start, the persons in charge of the activity are identified.

Assistance, in terms of methodology and coaching, towards preparing the SME in implementing the GMP including:

  • Preparing factory Production layout according to GMP requirements.
  • Assessment of company management system and Organizational structure.
  • Prepare organizational chart to GMP ,ISO 22716 needs including Quality Manual.
  • Identify training needs and prepare manual procedures.
  • Establish a hygiene program
  • Developing the documentation system: procedures (those mandatory in the standard and those required for a good functioning of the system), instructions, Quality Manual
  • Implementing the procedures
  • Periodic control of QMS in practice
  • Training and supervision of internal auditors
  • Conducting a pre-audit by the supplier (to check readiness)


9.1 Location

The activity is performed in the following location: Bethlehem

9.2 Timing

The indicative start date of the activity is: November 2018

The maximum duration of the activity is: 25-27 working days.

The indicative distribution of work-weeks is as follows:

9.3 Implementation

  • The service provider shall have a briefing session with the PFI / sub-component manager in order to clarify the context of the activity and the results to be achieved;
  • The PFI and service provider shall agree on the timetable for implementing the activity. In order to assure the success of the activity;
  • The service provider shall work in close collaboration with the PFI / sub-component manager so as to identify the capacity, constraints of Dead Sea Pearls;
  • Dead Sea Pearls is committed to the activity and will make available the resources and information required to implement the activity;
  • The service provider shall have a debriefing session with Dead Sea Pearls and the PFI;
  • Dead Sea Pearls shall monitor progress in the implementation of the activity and validate the outputs of the service provider through completing a final report of the activity;
  • The service provider is responsible for reproduction of documents/reports and availability of computer equipment as may be required.


    This activity is undertaken by a service provider in GMP, or its application. The service provider’s expert(s) CV should match or exceed the following:


    • Education: University degree in industrial engineering , quality, or related activity (minimum Bachelor, a Master Degree is preferred)
    • Language skills: fluent in Arabic and English (understand and speak)
    • Computer skills: standard word processing, spreadsheet and presentation software

    General experience:

    • Number of years of experience: minimum 7 years
    • Experience in the private sector, especially in industrial sector
    • Consulting/training experience in assisting SME
    • Excellent communication and reporting skills
    • Other skills: not applicable

    Specific experience:

    • Demonstrated experience in GMP applications;
    • Demonstrated experience in chemical sector of activity
    • Other experience: experience of working with SMEs.


    • The service provider will report directly to the PFI, through formal contacts and reports.
    • The service provider will notify the PFI of any factor and event which might impact on the conditions and results of the activity.
    • The service provider is informed that a PFI sub-component manager is authorised to monitor the activities on behalf of the P.
    • The service provider is expected to adhere to strict confidentiality vis-à-vis all information relative to the mission. During the mission, no information or document shall be copied and disseminated to third parties without explicit agreement of the SMEs. This obligation also applies after the end of the activity.

      Terms and Conditions

      Interested consulting companies are requested to adhere to the following terms and conditions:

      • Technical and financial offers should be received by hand two sealed separated envelopes one for the technical including the RFP documents signed and stamped and on for the financial offer and both  titled with RFP # 548-1/10-2018 before 02:00 PM Palestine time  on  Monday  05/11/2018  to PFI office in Ramallah- AL-Bireh-Holland Steet. –Ansa Malek BLDG, 1st floor Prices should be submitted in US dollars including VAT.
      • The financial offer should include the total price breakdown for each deliverable.
      • Payments are subject to the Palestinian taxation law.
      • PFI will cover the payments based on the deliverables and time frame for the assignment, and only if the deliverable has been approved by the beneficiary and the project manager.
      • PFI will award the assignments to the consultant who technical offer will be most responsive to requests technical requirement; the final evaluation will be based on both technical and financial criteria as the below table.
      • Passing scores for both technical and finical is 70/100

      For more inquiries contact us in written email at [email protected] and by replying to the invitation email you will receive from this email, no inquiries will be taken over the phone. Deadline for receiving inquires is Sunday 28/10/2018, at 12:00 PM Palestine time.

      PFI has the right to cancel or reissue the RFP for unforeseen circumstances

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