Conducting A Study on How to Connect Small-scale Businesses...

Conducting A Study on How to Connect Small-scale Businesses to Market Opportunities
MA’AN, in partnership with Humanity & Inclusion and funded by Federal German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), is Enhancing resilience of local population through the promotion of inclusive health services, re-construction and enhanced emergency preparedness to mitigate the impact of future crises (EPC-L)”. The project includes the provision of food assistance to persons with disabilities and their households most affected by COVID19 crisis. The project will support 200 out of the 400 households surveyed during the rapid need assessment to meet their immediate food needs. This will be considered as a transition phase until their livelihood is restored. In addition to the provision of basic needs assistance, the project will support the same target households to recover the income generation capacity that was lost or significantly reduced by COVID19 crisis. 100 households, whose income mostly depended on informal micro/small businesses that have been stopped or are at great risk of collapsing because of COVID-19 crisis, will be directly supported by the project
As part of this project, MA'AN seeks to conduct a study on how to connect 100 small-scale businesses owned and managed by families with a member with disability to the marketing opportunities. The aim of the study is to promote the capacities of the targeted businesses to operate effectively and to overcome barriers related to market dynamics and access to market opportunities, as well as to address new risks and changes afflicted the relevant value chains due to covid-19 pandemic
MA'AN is looking for a qualified consultant to conduct a study on how to connect 100 small-scale businesses with market opportunities 
The main goal of the study is to identify the best ways, actions, and practices that should be adopted by each of the targeted small-scale businesses to create robust and fruitful connection with the market opportunities. General recommendations at the level of sector, value chain, and business scale should also be provided by the study. Therefore, the consultant is expected to acquire deep understanding for the relevant value chains and market sectors where the targeted businesses operate
The consultancy firm’s, should have the following qualifications: 
  • Academic qualification in marketing, economic development, or any other relevant field. Master's degree and above is a plus. 
  • At least 5 years of experience of working in the sector of livelihood and economic empowerment, especially in areas related to economic recovery and building economic resilience. 
  • Solid and broad knowledge of data collection and analysis techniques, and research methodology. 
  • Previous demonstrated experience in conducting assessments and studies in the economic sector. 
  • Broad knowledge about the concepts, theories, and practices of effective marketing
  • Good reporting, writing, and communication skills, with specific reference to analytical reports and studies. 
  • Demonstrated and strong understanding of humanitarian standards, right to participation, and Human Rights, especially rights of people with disability. 
Ability to develop concrete methodology and timeframe for delivering the required consultancy service within the specified duration

Interested consultant firms should review the full ToR for this consultancy and can get a copy from it from MAAN-Gaza Gaza strip from 08th June 2021 –15 th June 2021 and submit offer in two sealed envelopes; one for the technical offer and another one for the financial offer by 16 th June 2021 (before 12:00 pm) at MAAN Office Gaza-Haidar Abd Al Shafi Square- Al Motaz 2 Building –Ground Floor- Next to Blood Bank Building Tele 08- 2823712 

 The awarded consultant of this offer will be required to pay for the cost of this advertisement.

Financial Offer must be in Euro excluding VAT (ZERO VAT Invoice required)

Supplier /service provider must provide Valid deduction at Source certificate.

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