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About Agricultural Development Association (PARC)
PARC is a national developmental Non-governmental organization that has been established 35 – years ago. PARC strives to develop the agricultural sector, strengthen the resilience of farmers, reach out to the poor and marginalized groups and their CBO’s, mobilize and develop the capabilities of rural people to enable them to control their resources, through the work of a distinguished professional teams and a loyal volunteer. This has been accomplished through creative programs and transparent management and through technical practices to contribute to the establishment of a free and democratic Palestinian society with the values of social justice. PARC has extensive experience to link resilience to development in context of Palestine in the agricultural sector; economic resilience, economic empowerment, disaster risk reduction and management with pioneering introduction of the Building back better to the infrastructure of the agricultural sector. PARC also is well known to the pioneering adaptation of the green economy application and to line ICT to agriculture to improve production and farms resilience. With almost 4 decades of experience in the agricultural sector, PARC is the considered the largest national agricultural NGO with an annual outreach of 90,000 farmers and a strong track record in different value chains in both plant production and livestock value chain development.
Price offer
PARC is seeking a highly qualified consultancy firm to conduct specialized training program to female entrepreneur’s youth in the agricultural sector. 
In she succeeds project, the targeted female entrepreneurs will be hosted at PARC Agri-business Hub where they receive the following facilities: (1) Shared space, with all office supplies for free (internet, electricity, printers…), (2) Shared space where they interact with peers, (3) Coaching and mentorship services and on-going feedback, (4) Access to huge network of private investors, marketing and partnership connection, legal institutes and relevant services, (5) Access to research and laboratory facilities through PARC partners of universities and research institutes and (6) Access to pool of farmers and farming Lands, in case of experimentation. 
PARC will Provide training, mentoring and hands-on coaching to female youth entrepreneurs on technical issues related to the specific value chain of their MSME (i.e. quality assurance, business operations, marketing and certification) through Hubs and Incubators. So Female youth entrepreneurs will be provided with a package of consultancy services and important trainings alongside with the seed fund as well through the Agribusiness incubator at PARC Agribusiness Hub.  These services will include on-job trainings and coaching customized to their technical needs weather it is in quality assurance, business operations, marketing, certification …etc. 
TEAM Minimum Qualifications
The consultancy firm must have the resources, ability and technical expertise to deliver the training at the required quality. The proposed trainers should have the following minimum requirements: 
  • At least a master degree in related fields. 
  • At least 5 years of proven track record of providing similar trainings
  • Strong background in agriculture market. 
  • Good knowledge of local agriculture context.
  • Fluency in writing skills in English is a must.
  • Trainers who have received master training in “She Succeed” as part of “she leads” component are preferred. 
The submitted offers should be in Euro excluding VAT. The tenderer should be able to issue free VAT zero invoices in addition to deduction at source certificate (شهادة خصم مصدر).
  1. The tenderer must comply with the standards and requirements set out in the tender bid
  2. The submitted offer is binding to the Supplier nor the tender offer may be withdrawn after submission and remains binding by a period of three months starting from the date of the offer.
  3. Tender documents delivered by hand. 
  4. Late applications will not be accepted
  5. The tender envelop must be sealed and stamped.
  6. Tender must stamp all bid papers.
The tenderers have to submit for the evaluation the following documents in hard and soft copies:
  • Technical offer with all supporting documents (Working methodology, CV‘s for the staff and the consulting firm profile, previous experience, …etc). 
  • Financial offer.
  • The deadline to receive a copy of the ToR is on Monday, 20th September 2021 not later than 02:00 PM from PARC office at Al Zitoun area, Salah Edin St., Gaza.
  • Pre-bid meeting will be conducted on Sunday, 19th September 2021 at 12:00 PM at PARC office.
  • The deadline of the proposal submission will be on Tuesday, is 21st September 2021 not later than 02:00 PM at PARC office at Al Zitoun area, Salah Edin St., Gaza.
PARC’s headquarter, Zaytoon Quarter, Salah Eddin St.
Telephone: ++97082805040
Fax: ++9702805039
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