National Experts/ Trainers: Conduct specialized training in...



Terms of reference


National Experts/ Trainers: Conduct specialized training in specific export related fields in WB and Gaza

Project: Capacity Building for Palestinian SMEs Companies

Potential and New exporters



PalTrade was established in 1998, as a non-profit development organization, which was mandated as the Palestinian National Trade Promotion Organization.  Recently, PalTrade has evolved into an export development organization with a mission to lead the development and sustainable increase of Palestinian exports as a driving force for sustainable national economic growth; and has been instrumental in leading the way to establish a National Export Strategy.  PalTrade provides a wide range of support in the areas of export development and market intelligence, export promotion, and export policy and advocacy.


The programme of Assistance to the Palestinian people has been requested by UNITE NATION INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION- UNIDO to manage the project “ Capacity Building for Palestinian SMEs Companies“ to support the National Economic Strategy.

The overall project aim is to contribute to increase the volume of Palestinian exports to target markets as well as increasing the number of Palestinian exporters. Furthermore, the project aims at transforming potential / none exporters into new exporters, this would bring with it backward benefits to the social landscape and living standard of the Palestinian people. Since, increased exports values and number of exporters essentially means increased production levels and as such increased levels of labour.

The Project is seeking to build the capacity of 45 – 50 SMEs from non-exports and new exports on specific export elated management issues. The project is looking to select a group of 4 or more local experts/trainers specialized in specific fields in WB and the same in Gaza (One expert or more for each field) in WB and the same in Gaza. The training program is expected to be conducted within the period 5 to 8 September 2018.

Scope of work          

The purpose of this assignment is to build the capacity of the 30 - 35 Palestinian SMEs in WB from none and new exporters as preparatory specialized step toward market penetration activities, by developing and providing a standardized, methodological training on export related issues.

The consultants must develop a modern dynamic training materials and conduct theoretical and practical (exercises) training in the below areas. The training will upgrade the skills of SMEs to cover export issues. The expert will develop a specializes and attractive martials related to the following sectors which will be used as reference for all potential SMEs:

(Stone and marble, Olive oil, Agribusiness, Cosmetics, Plastic, Furniture and Shoes & lather).

The consultant should have an approved and comprehensive experience in conducting specialized capacity building trainings in one of the following aspects:

  • Export Marketing capabilities:
    1. Marketing Objectives-
    2. Market Segmentation, targeting and positioning
    3. Communication: First connection with potential byers, Export documentation, using professional and specialized letters. This should include explanation on how to use email professional tools and options too.
    4. Processing orders: Responding to inquiries, preparing specifications and negotiations, and pricing.
    5. Negotiation skills
    6. Pricing: best pricing mechanisms.
    7. Distribution: Best distribution channels, Mechanisms.
    8. Best promotional campaigns and practices including literature, promotion programs, and advertising programs.
  • Digital Marketing  

Digital Marketing Tactical Tools & Social Media channels, starting with Google AdWords, PPC, Display Ads, Video Ads, Social Media Advertising on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter, Email Marketing and SEO, and Online Strategic Planning.

  • Production capabilities:
    1. Production management and planning: Best practices, time management, and  risk management in the following areas:
    2. Fulfilling orders: The tasks of fulfilling freight operations, dispatching and scheduling work, routing, and estimating production costs.
    3. Quality: The tasks of developing quality standards, developing quality control procedures.
    4. Quantity: The tasks of designing and installing plants, tools, and locations of the plant site as well as the engineering production process.
    5. Time: The tasks of determining inventory requirements, handling raw materials, purchasing and expediting, and determining storage and warehousing requirements will be assessed; in order to improve on-time deliveries of products and services.
    6. Reduced labor costs by eliminating wasted time and improving process flow.
    7. Reduced inventory costs by decreasing the need for safety stocks and excessive work-in-process inventories.
  • Export procedures

Trade agreements ,Mandatory requirements, Export License, Certificates of Origin, EUR.1,and other forms,  Shipping documents, Shipping ways and types, packaging and Labeling, Fees & Taxes, Exporting and Re-exporting, all related international terms. This should be structured in a step by step way and should provide a lot of practical examples related to all targeted sectors mentioned above.

Requirements and Qualifications

The Consultant or the company must possess the following:

  • Specialized in one of the above mentioned topics.
  1. Wide and proven experience in capacity building for SMEs.
  2. Proven experience in development of professional training materials.
  3. Proven experience of at least 5 years in private sector/SME / donor development projects/one of the above sectors.
  4. At least Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Economics, Industrial engineering, Marketing, Production, or any other related or equivalent fields.  

Skills in the following domains are of a particular interest:

  • Training evaluation skills and designing of training.
  • Knowledge of SMEs challenges and constraints.
  • Qualitative and Quantitative research skills.
  • Good communication skills in English and Arabic both orally and in writing.
  • Good interpersonal and team working skills.
  • Good handling of work tasks in demanding conditions.


The selected expert should prepare and deliver a technical report and the training materials 2 days after the end of the training  . The expert will report directly to the project manager. The report and its annexes will be submitted electronically in word document.   The report should be in English and it will include the pre and post evaluation results.

Time Frame

The assignment will be implemented in the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, the consultant shall comply with the terms of reference. The duration of the training will be four days (one day for each topic) note that experts should deliver a copy of structured training martials  one week after the end of the training as reference.


Individuals or companies who possess all the above requirements are encouraged to submit the following:

  1. CVs.
  2. Cover letter (indicating why they should be selected for the training program, how do they qualify, why should be they selected to build the capacity of the SMEs in the selected sector.
  3. List of Reference / or reference letters.
  4. Brief on some relevant capacity building conducted before.


  1. List of relevant experience in the same field and supported by samples.
  2. CV(s) of consultants.
  3. Contacts of at least 3 references (for companies and for the individual consultants).

Financial Offer:

Detailed financial budget with breakdown of cost. Financial offer should include (level of effort and “number of days.

The Financial offer should be in Dollar and include VAT.

Note: This call is also open for consultants from Gaza as some companies are located in Gaza as mentioned above.

Application process

You need to send your offer responding to the Terms of Reference includes all needed and requested technical criteria, and a financial proposal (quotation) to Paltrade offices WB or Gaza.

Proposals from WB should be submitted by COB Thursday the 9th  of August 2018 at 2:00 PM Jerusalem by hand to PalTrade office, Ramallah, Al Bireh – Wataniyya Tower Building, 5th floor.

Proposals from Gaza  should be submitted by COB Thursday the 9th  of August 2018 at 2:00 PM Jerusalem by hand to PalTrade office in Gaza , Al Shawwa Bldg - 5th floor, Alwehda St .No offers will be received after the mentioned date and time.

Offers should be received ONLY by hand into two sealed separated envelopes (one for technical and one for financial) with subject the TOR #: RFP-PTC-073-07-2018

Firms from WB have offices /subcontractors in Gaza can apply for both too.

Evaluation will be based first on technical evaluation, if the companies and individual consultants based the technical passing scores (55%/70), then PalTrade will open the financial offers.

  • Passing scores for both technical and finical is 70/100
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