"Conduct a Case Study titled "Deconstructing Women’s Economi...


ToRs for conducting a Case Study titled - Deconstructing Women’s Economic Empowerment (WEE): empowering low-income women, evidence from the GROW Project

As GROW is phasing out its activities in the fifth year of implementation, it wishes to assess its approach and interventions delivered to empower targeted women economically and to generate evidence and identify good practices and lessons learned  on the interplay between 1) women’s access – ability to access opportunities, information, services, networks, and assets, etc. required to advance and upgrade women’s economic status and 2) women’s agency – capacity/power to make decisions and act on opportunities that lead to economic advancement. Specifically, this exercise aims to deconstruct the forces of women’s economic empowerment and assess and demonstrate how GROW facilitated the advancement of its targeted women beneficiaries

It is envisaged that this assignment will be a formative piece which examines some of the methodological and implementation approaches of GROW as a case study for applied learning and future programming of WEE projects

The scope of this ToR assignment is to to propose a suitable approach and research methodology for undertaking the assignment and draft a case study report while ensuring a strong gender lens. In doing so, the methodology is expected to include a clear approach to shed sufficient light on issues related to women’s agency as well as socio-cultural norms and how forces of WEE are changing as a result of the economic/income and/or agency advancement of women

Term of Reference can be downloaded from here: Term of Reference

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