Child Health Manual for kindergartens


Quotation No. 22.2019

“Child Health Manual for kindergartens”

IRPAL is seeking a qualified and experienced consultancy firms, within the following conditions:

Duration: June 2019 - February 2020

Qualifications and experience requirements:

The consultancy firm will be assessed based on the following:

  • Certificates in the field of health and development of diagnostic tools and early detection techniques of health problems for children in the kindergarten stage.
  • A proven team with certified in health.
  • Experience in developing health manuals.
  • Experience in performing trainings in the health field.
  • Experience in supervising and follow up the implementation of training.
  • Experience in developing detection mechanisms for pre-school children for general health conditions / Issues including malnutrition and other impairments (speech, hearing, vision, mobility etc.).
  • Competent in English (reports must be written in English). The company should provide examples of previous work.

Application Procedure:

  • Interested firms are invited to download the attached Terms of Reference (TOR) available that include a detailed description of the Task.
  • Please submit your proposals by 17/06/2019 (13:30 pm at the latest) at the following address: Islamic Relief, Palestine Filed Office Al- Dawli building 2, 26A Medhat Al-Wehidi St., Rimal South.
  • Following submission, IRPAL may engage in further discussion with applicants concerning quotations in order to ensure mutual understanding and an optimal agreement.
  • For any issues relating to the quotation or its contents please email directly to [email protected]
  • Any Proposal received after the due date will be rejected.
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