Capacity Development on National Mechanism for Land Protecti...


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Capacity Development on National Mechanism for Land Protection 

PFU in Partnership with Oxfam is implementing a new project funded by EU, entitled “Promotion of inclusive agricultural growth to ensure improved living standards and resilience of vulnerable communities in Area C of the West Bank”. The project aims to Increase the income of small-scale women and men farmers and the protection and the use of their lands in Area C through upgraded capacities, improved land and water management practices and policies.

It is known that the restrictive measures imposed by the Israeli occupation prevents Palestinian citizens from utilizing most of the land in area C, restricts their access to land and resources such as water, and prevents them from building and developing their towns. However, despite the efforts of the Israeli occupation to annex Area C, there are no unified PA policies to protect land in that area. Therefore, through consultations with the MoA and the Palestinian Anti Wall and Colonization Commission, PFU developed a Land right and legal protection national mechanism for Area C and distributed the information presented in this mechanism to farmers through guiding manuals with simplified language, as well as guiding manuals for national and international organizations. This has necessitated the increase of the knowledge and awareness of relevant organizations and farmers on land protection.

Therefore, PFU is seeking a consultant/trainer to organize 5 training sessions, to promote the capacity development of farmers’ groups and employees of the Directorate of Ministry of Agriculture on national mechanism for land protection. Trainings will be implemented and completed in the month of December 2021. 

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