Call for Scientific Papers on Cancer in Palestine


Qatar Red Crescent Society

Call No. (RES/QRC/2020/11)

Call for Scientific Papers on Cancer in Palestine

Qatar Red Crescent Society has been supporting humanitarian needs of people in Gaza Strip for years with focus on the needs of cancer patients. Over the years, QRC has supported efforts related to diagnosis and treatment of cancer including the equipping of cancer research lab at IUG, equipping tissue typing lab at MoH, capacity building of doctors through scholarships for oncology and onco-surgery sub-specialties in Jordan and recently the provision of chemotherapy drugs.

It is within this recent project of providing chemotherapy drugs that QRC is launching this call to support health research initiatives in Palestine, with a focus on promoting health research as a tool for national development programming, and to increase the use of evidence based action and health planning for provision of equitable health care in priority areas especially relating to cancer.

The focus for this grant is on the previously defined health research priorities for 2018-2023 identified according to The Palestinian National Institute of Public Health (PNIPH) and the Ministry of Health (MoH), under the following topics: 

  • Knowledge and attitude towards breast cancer screening.
  • Feasibility and effectiveness of introducing colorectal cancer screening.
  • Cancer prevention and early detection strategies.
  • Assessment of the guidelines used for cancer treatment
  • Cancer patient (five years) survival rates.
  • Palliative care
  • Access barriers
  • Evaluation of cancer services
  • Quality of life of patients with oncology 
  • Other pressing cancer-related topics

In light of above-mentioned priorities, QRC offers a special grant for three research papers on cancer-related priorities which will be awarded through a competitive process of selection.

Interested candidates can find the application form and guidelines at the following link:

The application form along with the CV should be sent to the following e-mail address: [email protected] 

Deadline of submission 30 September 2020 

Submission of applications

All applications should be submitted in English language.

QRC will award a maximum amount of $8,000 for each research, and the proposed duration for which support is requested must not exceed 10 months after signing the contract.

For more detailed information, see the Guidelines and Application Form.

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