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ACTED is an international non-profit, non-political and non-religious humanitarian organization established in Afghanistan in 1993 and headquartered in Paris, France. Operational in 35 countries, ACTED’s vocation is to support vulnerable populations affected by wars, natural disasters and/or economic and social crises, and to accompany them in building a better future. ACTED started its activities in the occupied Palestinian territory in May 2007, through food security interventions in the West Bank and then in Gaza. ACTED is currently implementing projects funded by ECHO, UNOCHA, AFD and DGD, which aim to protect vulnerable households in the West Bank and to strengthen civil society actors across the occupied Palestinian territory.

ACTED and its partner MA’AN Development Centre are implementing a three-year project “Supporting sustainable and inclusive growth in the Palestinian territory through digital inclusion,” in the West Bank and in Gaza, funded by Agence Française de Développement (AFD).  

MA'AN Development Center is an independent Palestinian development organization and training institution established in January 1989.  MA'AN partners with NGOs, CBOs, & Popular Committees in the poorest and most marginalized areas of the occupied Palestinian territory, and aims to enhance people’s steadfastness and self-reliance, empower them to take a lead in developing communities, and to improve their quality of life.  The organization works with 120-150 grassroots organizations on an annual basis while channeling its efforts towards building their capacities in organizational development, human resources, and the operation and development of their administrative, financial and monitoring systems. Ultimately, MA’AN's program development approach is based on five primary methods, including lobbying & advocacy; institutional, organizational and human resource development; service provision; awareness raising; and lastly, networking, coordination, consultation and cooperation.   


The project’s general objective is to bypass the obstacles to development in the occupied Palestinian territories by exploiting the potential of digital tools. The specific objective of the project is to enhance young Palestinians’ employability through the improvement of their digital perspectives. These objectives will be achieved through the reinforcement of capacities and coordination mechanisms for key digital stakeholders, improvement of access to digital literacy resources for young Palestinians, and the provision of resources and tools for Palestinian young entrepreneurs to materialize their business ideas. 

Through this project ACTED and MAAN Development Center are going to establish two technical committees, one in West Bank and one in Gaza, aiming at to supporting the creation, testing, quality assurance and maintenance of the platform as well as supporting the development of online content and installation process.


Project team is seeking for qualified and professional members to be part of this project. The committee member shall have solid technical experience in one of the fields related to the results of the end-market analysis and project scope (ICT, Multimedia and media Production, Architecture and Interior Design, Translation, Entrepreneurship and Accounting). 



Applications for the membership shall include the following components, for a total of 7 pages (not including appendices, Sample of similar projects/assignments): 

A detailed proposal clearly demonstrating a thorough understanding of this Terms of Reference (ToR), curriculum development process, quality assurance as well as explaining what could be the added value of the member to enrich the committee and achieve the project activities.

Team member Curriculum vita; must be provided setting out their relevant qualifications and experience.

Sample of similar projects output and references shall be attached to the offer.


Interested members are welcomed to obtain the TOR document form ACTED offices either from Gaza office at Hijje Building (4th Floor), Tel. 08-2828518, or West Bank office in Al Bireh - Annahda Street - across from friend’s boys Schools, Inside Al Kaykab Garden, Swift House, Tel 02 296 9696 during the working hours starting from Sunday June 23, 2019 to Monday July 1st, 2019.

The deadline for obtaining the TOR is Monday July 1st, 2019, before 13:00 PM. 

Applications submission is allowed only in person (one soft and two hard copies) in sealed envelope to ACTED office no later than Tuesday July 2nd 2019, before 13:00 Jerusalem time with the subject label: “12DJK_TC_Sector" followed by the sector of interest (ICT, Multimedia and media Production, Architecture and Interior Design, Translation, Entrepreneurship and Accounting) and location whether Gaza or West Bank. The envelop shall also show the name of the applicant and contact information. 

Requests for clarifications are accepted only via email to [email protected] with the subject line “12DJK_TC_RFC” no later than 25 June, 2019. All requests for clarifications will be answered and published to all requesting applicants.

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